Apparently, the coming return of known fraudulent schemes BitСonnect. The organizers of the project revealed their plans to launch in July this year. The owner of the Twitter account added that potential investors will be able to purchase tokens on a large exchange of binance crypto-currencies.

“Please welcome the return of BitСonnect 2.0. We will launch the project on July 1,” the report said.

Despite the fact that additional information is allegedly available on the “official” website of the project, activity in social networks remains the only hint of the upcoming plans. The site consists only of a subscription form for updates, a countdown timer and a widget that broadcasts messages from Twitter.

However, in addition to the launch date, the rest of the operation of the new incarnation BitСonnect remain a mystery. As previously reported, the original BitСonnect — supposedly a platform for exchange and credit was closed in January 2018 after it became aware of the fraudulent nature of the project.

Then investors have seen how the price of tokens BitСonnect fell to almost zero in a matter of minutes. After the information about BitСonnect 2.0 users in social networks began to warn each other that they should not interact with the scheme, even if the company will manage to sell the new tokens. Some noted that the validity of the domain name will expire before the expected date of launch.



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