Crypto market cap and TOP cryptos with the biggest market shares.

We can all agree that for the last couple of years cryptocurrencies and crypto market have been the talk of many, with some saying that it is just a scam and some claiming that cryptocurrencies are the fourth industrial revolution.

Either way, you can’t deny that crypto coins are playing a game-changing role in the financial industry and if you play your cards right, you’ll achieve great success.

So, let’s get into details about the crypto market and great investment opportunities that exist in it!

Crypto Market And Its Capitalization

A cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency that uses cryptography for security. The underlying technology, blockchain, is used in many spheres ranging from healthcare to music.

The first crypto asset, Bitcoin, wasn’t actually created to be a currency. In fact, in words of its creator, Bitcoin was created as a cash system that doesn’t involve a third party. However, it didn’t go as planned.

The new currency received many mixed reactions. The transition from markets controlled by governments and other central authorities to a completely decentralized market is exciting for some, but also scary for many others.

The crypto market cap (market capitalization) is the market value of a crypto asset’s outstanding shares. In 2018, the cryptocurrency market cap was around $800 billion. However, on April 8, 2019, the market cap reached $185 billion. It is also estimated that by 2027, 10 percent of the global GDP will consist of crypto assets.

In order to monitor the market cap volume, transactions and track all the cryptocurrencies in one place, there have been created crypto portfolio trackers, which help investors organize their investing process effectively.

TOP Cryptocurrencies With The Biggest Market Shares

Bitcoin (BTC)

When you are dealing with the crypto market, reputation is a crucial aspect of investment choices in certain coins. Therefore, Bitcoin is an attractive asset for everyone in the crypto trading community.

Being the torch bearer for other digital assets, Bitcoin is the most popular and valuable asset and, in addition, the prices of other assets one way or another depend on the earlier mentioned crypto coin. Thus, it is always safe to have a large coin such as BTC in your wallet. Bitcoin’s market cap at this point is $96,5 billion.

Ethereum (ETH)

Ether is the second largest crypto asset and the first largest decentralised app platform in crypto.This platform also allows usage of ‘smart contracts’. In comparison with BTC, the Ethereum platform is more efficient, corruption free and very immune to third party changes.

Ripple (XRP)

For those, looking to make a smart investment, Ripple is perfect. In the last couple of years, many banks adopted Ripple, which makes it the first one to be adopted by the masses in the financial industry.

For Ripple, it was not difficult to succeed, since they have received large funding, with one of the most prominent investors being Google. On the Ripple platform, not only can you exchange crypto assets, but also fiat currencies and commodities.

Bitcoin Cash(BCH)

This crypto coin was released by Bitcoin in 2017 and was created by developers and miners as a way to resolve the scaling problem of crypto assets. Bitcoin Cash is cheaper, faster and more scalable than Bitcoin. However, the value of BCH is 10 to 15 percent of the Bitcoin value and it’s more volatile making this option attractive to trade.

Litecoin (LTC)

The next big cryptocurrency to invest in is Litecoin. The crypto asset has high liquidity and a quite large market cap ($4,5 billion). LTC uses Bitcoin’s technology improving it and, thus, making Litecoin one of the fastest cryptocurrencies (safest).

Litecoin is also very sensitive on the surrounding news, that’s why any investor interested in trading with it, must be following the Litecoin news on a daily basis, as it can give you quite clear picture of what is going to happen with Litecoin price in a near future.

Important note. Any market, no matter, Forex, bonds, commodities or crypto, all have the same behavior. Markets moves based on the BIG volume reserve that one can see on the chart (D/W) big consolidations which follow BIG breaks ups or downs.

Look the pic below:

crypto market cap

If you can find them, you know when the market cap will grow which subsequently will grow on price too.That is the institutional investors leverage compared to retail investors.

To summarize, crypto market cap is the amount of all crypto coins in the market that exist currently and, as mentioned above, higher market cap means that the digital asset is more stable, and vice versa.

Stay focused to not lose any potential deal due the market changes.

Good luck!

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