Aliant Payment Accepts Litecoin Payments For Users

Aliant Payment Accepts Litecoin Payments For Users

A US-based provider of merchant services and credit cards called Aliant Payment Systems has launched Litecoin payments for customers.

They have partnered with Canadian company NetCents Technology to create a processing platform and offer crypto portfolio to the merchant base of Aliant. The company chose to add Ethereum and Litecoin, despite feedback regarding a variety of coins, because they consider these coins as well-known and stable.

The Aliant Payment became one of the first payment processors offering Bitcoin and Ethereum solution for customers. Aliant expects Litecoin to emerge as the more attractive payment solution to buy small-ticket items, despite Bitcoin payments, which are more popular.

Another attractive Litecoin feature is its SegWit upgrade, which helps to boost the capacity of its blockchain, while speeding up settlement times and lowering transaction costs.

Aliant offers a retail solution via the Poynt terminal, in addition to bringing a cryptocurrency solution to ecommerce merchants. It allows its merchants and customers the ability to conduct cryptocurrency transactions at the point of sale.

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