Zk-Rollup Tech Firm StarkNet Has Open-Sourced Cairo 1.0

StarkWare, a zero-knowledge-rollup tech firm, has formally turned Cairo 1.0 (its latest compiler for programming languages) to shortly be backed on StarkNet (a scaling solution based on Ethereum layer 2) in the 1st quarter of the coming year.

StarkNet Attempts to Improve Community Control by Making Cairo 1.0 Open Source

The recursive proofs and the roll-up technology of StarkWare provide the potential to compress several million transfers on L2 and turn them into just one transfer on Ethereum. Nonetheless, criticism has been faced by the project for upholding control on its Internet Protocol, not a minimum of all via its additional open-source competitor named zkSync.

The move of Cairo’s transformation into open source has been described by StarkWare as a landmark in its pursuit to offer additional control as well as rights over intellectual property to the developers and the community. Cairo is known as a programming language that is written particularly to harness the zk rollups as well as validity proofs’ power.

Cairo 1.0 to Offer More Options to the Developers

StarkWare mentioned that now developers can run experiments with Cairo 1.0 through the execution and compilation of simple applications till it gets complete support on StarkNet in the upcoming year’s first quarter.  At that time, Cairo 1.0 will let swift feature development along with permitting additional community involvement, as per Abdelhamid Bakhta (Exploration chief at StarkWare and a former developer at Ethereum).

He stated that they are continuously open-sourcing the tech stack of StarkNet and Cairo 1.0 is the first step. He added that their target behind doing this is to accomplish the vision of StarkNet to do good for the public by making constant improvements for the community. In his words, this would maximize transparency in the case of their code on a practical scale.

STARK tech stack of StarkWare powers many Web3 projects taking into account dYdX (a decentralized exchange), Immutable X (a non-fungible token company), and Celer Network (a protocol for blockchain interoperability).

A gamble has been taken by StarkNet with the utilization of Cairo to accelerate its solution as it does not have native compatibility with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). At the moment, the rival platform zkSynch’s mainnet (that is EVM-compatible) is going through the procedure of its launch.

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