Zipmex Announces Partnership with a Major Payment Services Company

As per the latest reports, Zipmex has formed a partnership with Visa. Zipmex, is a major cryptocurrency and fiat trading platform that is mainly providing services in the Asia-Pacific region. It has been revealed that the partnership is going to be a strategic one among the firms.

Zipmex has also revealed the reason why it has decided to form a partnership with Visa. According to the firm, it is aiming to enhance the experience of its users in terms of products and programs. The platform is aiming to launch several products and programs for its users by forming a partnership with Visa.

The crypto-fiat trading platform is aiming to introduce more services and products for its users in the coming days. This is the reason a partnership has been formed between Zipmex and Visa.

As part of the partnership, the payment network of ZipSend would be integrated into the infrastructure that is provided by Visa. ZipSend is mainly known for providing users the ability of spending cryptocurrencies.

The integration of ZipSend would ensure that the 70 million merchants currently being supported/backed by Visa have access to ZipSend. This way, the users on ZipSend would be able to benefit from the latest partnership between the firms. The users would have 70 million more merchants added to their available options.

This is not the only benefit that ZipSend is aiming to offer its users. The firm is also aiming to launch a payment card that would be branded by Visa. However, the company has no plans of making it happen right away. Instead, ZipSend is aiming to launch these cards by the end of 2021.

At present, Zipmex has its operations spread out in several countries. Some of the major countries where Zipmex currently runs its operations include Australia, Singapore, Indonesia, and Thailand. When it comes to catering to users, it currently has several thousand users.

At the time of writing, Zipmex has a total of 200,000 users that it is handling through its operations. Ever since the launch of Zipmex, it has recorded over $1 billion worth of transactions. The platform was reportedly launched back in 2019 and has been constantly growing bigger and better for users.

Zipmex has revealed that it is aiming to launch new products, services, and even cards for its users. However, the release of such products, services, and cards is subject to approval from the regulatory authorities from the respective countries.

Once the regulatory authorities give the go, Zipmex will go ahead with the production and launch of the Visa-backed cards for its users. With this move, Zipmex will successfully revolutionize the way its users have been using the platform.

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