During the last weeks, prices of cryptocurrencies have been suffering. According to Coin360, the value of big cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), XRP and others connected to them, dropped by 20 percent in only a month. The main reason for price falls was considered the actions from Chinese regulators towards cryptocurrency exchanges.

However, according to recent analysis, the price of the third-largest crypto coin by market cap, XRP, is going to grow, especially compared to Bitcoin. A famous crypto investor, that at the beginning of 2019 gave very accurate crypto predictions,  suggested that the XRP/BTC pair is going to rise rapidly. A declining resistance line is rumored to be about to break.

The crypto investor mentioned that considering how important this breakthrough is, this might be an opportunity to make Bitcoins easily. Yet, he also mentioned that the price might not rise as quickly and that this shouldn’t be taken as direct investment advice.

After this investor’s prediction, signs appeared of an altcoin price growth, which means that XRP price is going to rise too as it is such a big cryptocurrency.

A former cryptocurrency analyst, according to Ethereum World News, stated that altcoins are displaying strength, which would probably result in price growth. Backing this prediction, he showed that the ALTS/BTC pair is about to break out of a bearish section.

In the past days, XRP has shown other positive signs for potential rise. Only in the last week, both the company, Ripple, and the coin, XRP have been mentioned in large publications such as BBC and Bloomberg. There have been also financial companies that were rumored to start using Ripple for transfers soon.


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