xRapid Can Save Blockchain

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xRapid Can Save Blockchain

Ripple continues to be in the center of recent events.  Ripple has risen to 2nd place and has eclipsed Ethereum twice in the last month, but both times has fallen to its 3rd place on the main charts.

And while the coin and its eponymous fund have never been in the spotlight for too long, there has been more news in the last few weeks than throughout 2018.

One of the main events was the holding of the Swell conference. In it, CEO Brad Garlinghouse spoke about another important news: the release of his xRapid product. The first three customers of the product were MercuryFX, Cuallix and Catalyst Corporate Federal Credit Union.

xRapid allows companies to use Ripple XRP coins as a “bridge” to facilitate cross-border payments using the Ripple system. Ripple has hundreds of partnerships, but these are products that have nothing to do with the XRP coin itself.

With xRapid, but even more so with the Ripple Foundation itself, we see that blockchain dreams come true. This is more than can be said, apparently, for thousands of projects in the crypto space that have collapsed, and some of them even after having raised millions in the ICO.


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