Will It Be a Wise Choice to Choose GCG International for Trading?

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The term Cryptocurrency Trading (foreign exchange trading) is a trading of currencies through decentralized markets with their network spread throughout the globe. When it comes to trading volume, this market is second to none and has the main role in determining the exchange rates for every currency bringing into account the buying, selling and exchange rates of currencies at the determined or current prices.

Modern Cryptocurrency Trading started back in 1970s when the U.S. allowed its currency to be traded freely through Cryptocurrency Market. Even though Modern Trading has been around for almost half a century, growing bigger and bigger every day, majority of the people are still skeptical to invest their money through Cryptocurrency channels. This is when traders like GCG International come into the spotlight and ensure investment protection to their investors with their state of the program.

GCG International’s Goal

Founded by members wanting to change the general perception of making money by any means necessary and aiming to have a company to be involved with and proud of, GCG International’s key mission is to create and maintain a sense of social responsibility. In order to achieve this goal, GCG is committed to be providing its investors with the best tools, fair & transparent prices and Customer Support, dedicated to assist the clients in the most professional and efficient way possible.

GCG International provides its clients to choose from a wide range of over 5,000 global markets, spread around the globe across the cryptocurrency, shares, indices, commodities and crypto-currency sectors. Most of all, GCG International focuses on the growth of its clients and in order to achieve this, it empowers the clients with the best possible tools at their disposal.


Similar to every other Cryptocurrency broker, GCG International has also equipped its service engine with the world’s most renowned trading based platform known as Meta Trader 4. This platform is made available to the clients as follows:

  • Meta Trader 4 Terminal

  • Considered as the classical version, MT4 Terminal is considered to be one of the world’s most popular trading platforms.
  • Is equipped with a wide variety of analytical tools, enabling the clients to add oscillators, indicators as well as make making countless automatic strategies available to the clients.
  • Uses power pattern recognition tool to lay out the best emerging trading trends to the clients.
  • Enables the clients to pre-set entry and exit points for trading as well as set stop loss and profit-taking levels.
  • Offers a strategy tester to help clients test, gain experience and optimize their trading strategies.
  • Meta Trader 4 Mobile

  • Enables its clients to use and practice the same experience as made available through the desktop platform.
  • Facilitates its clients to monitor their cryptocurrency market activity, access their dashboard, make deposits and withdrawals while on the move.
  • Enables the clients to trade in the market leading crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and more.
  • Meta Trader 4 Web

  • Provides its clients with experience similar to that of a MT4 Terminal.
  • Is developed with aims to target clients/investors from all trading levels
  • Allows traders to make a number of customizations, tailoring the platform with their preferred tools and options.
  • Meta Trader 4 for MacOS

  • Allows MacOS users to download the app on their MacBook, iMAC or any other MAC with OS X. 
  • Enables the traders to run and experience the same tools that are available on any other platform.
  • Is user friend as it offers traders with one-click task execution functionality.

Types of accounts

  • Demo Account

Aiming to provide as much guidance and hands-on experience to its users, GCG International provides their customers with a demo account which they can use to gain more experience and practice their strategies and dynamics before they can set foot into the real-time cryptocurrency trading market.

  • Real Account

After going through the strategies and dynamics through demo account and mustering enough confidence, one can make a deposit in order to open a live account and start implementing all the tools, functions and strategies in order to make high value profits and gains.

  • Islamic Account

Although, this account implements the same conditions on its clients as a normal account, it does not incur rollover or swap charges for holding the positions overnight. Traders can benefit from all the facilities, such as using leverage, hedge positions, deposits, withdrawals and trading tools without paying any extra fees and do not violate any Sharia Law.

Account Opening Procedure

As GCG International deals with monetary investment, it is very important for the company to verify and ensure customer details through a set of mandatory verifications that involve account openers to:

  • Produce their Proof of Identity
  • Produce their Proof of Residence
  • Complete a quick appropriateness and economic profile test.

Deposit & Withdrawal

For the safety of their clients, GCG International has collaborated with the leading payment providers allowing the clients to make deposits through a sophisticated, personalized and easy to use client portal which is developed to ensure information safety. Same portal is being used for the purpose of withdrawals and GCG International aims to process all withdrawal requests within 24 hours.

Remember, you can neither make a deposit nor a withdrawal until or unless your account has been verified and the deposit & withdrawals must be made through an account that has the same account holder name as GCG International account name.

Partnership and Promotions

In addition to providing direct trading platform, GCG International also encourages independent cryptocurrency brokers to be a part IB Partnership program where the brokers can provide their clients with GCG International trading platforms and can monitor their performance through a set of thorough performance analysis reporting tools. One can also refer their clients to the GCG International trading firm which in turn can earn them high commissions and fees per referral and also provide 24/5 customer support to assist clients with their queries in the best possible manner.

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