WhatsApp Launches Fiat Digital Payments on Its Platform

WhatsApp Launches Fiat Digital Payments on Its Platform


WhatsApp Messenger has announced the launch of fiat digital payments on its platform in Brazil.

As the official statement reports, WhatsApp users who have Visa & Mastercard debit or credit cards from a number of banks (Banco do Brasil, Nubank, Sicredi) will be able to attach instant payments to their messages starting from 15 June. As it is stated, users can transfer money safely or shop from local businesses directly in the chat.

With this step, WhatsApp provides its users to not only view a shop’s catalog, but also pay for different products. This easy way of payments can stimulate lots of more local businesses enter the digital sphere, which will provide new opportunities to grow the businesses.

It’s also reported that the users will be able to make up to 20 in-app transactions per day.


Crypto and blockchain technology become more popularity day by day, and get involved in every industry and specter of our lives.

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