What is Cloud Mining? A Beginner’s Guide

Cloud Mining is a mechanism of mining cryptocurrency through rented computation power. When you use cloud mining technology, you do not need to have a proper hardware setup of powerful computers used in mining cryptocurrencies. 

Cloud mining companies allow individuals to participate in crypto mining by renting computation power. Using this technology, you can make accounts through cloud computing firms and take part in crypto mining remotely. 

Back then, there was a time when people used to have a complete area that was dedicated to computers. In multiple offices, this area used to have much importance in order to keep things running. Now, people usually depend on rented computational power. The process is called cloud computing, where companies rent warehouses’ computing power consisting of powerful running computing machines hosted elsewhere. 

Cloud computing is changing the dynamics of business around the globe. It is one of the rapidly growing technologies in the world. You can access the storage, files, database, and multiple other things via the cloud that is over the internet. 

Understanding Cloud Mining

Cloud mining can be explained as a process of outsourcing computational with respect to cryptocurrency mining. Crypto mining itself is a procedure where powerful computers are used to mine cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dogecoin. People usually rent powerful computation power technology rather than buying expensive computers. You can rent computing power from any expert cloud mining company from anywhere around the world. 

Cloud mining is basically done for the purpose of generating blockchain-based cryptocurrencies. Mining itself works as a backbone for modelling cryptocurrency. Mining itself can be described as a mechanism in which miners are required to solve complex math equations in order to create new crypto coins. Whenever an investor makes any investment, the details are shown in the distributed ledger, called a blockchain. For verification of such investments, the user is required to solve complicated equations. 

Cloud mining is actually a very powerful tool to be successful in mining cryptocurrencies, especially the prominent digital coin, Bitcoin. How better is renting a part of the pool that contains powerful computing tools? It actually increases your chances of beating others in the mining world. You can be above in the race of producing hash through winning and then earning more and more bitcoins.

Cloud mining as a powerful computation process only applies to a proof-of-work system. A Proof-of-work system can be defined as a blockchain-based algorithm that is there to secure cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum and Bitcoin. 

However, cloud mining cannot be applied in proof-of-stake systems, which preserve integrity in a blockchain. It means cryptocurrency users cannot mint the digital coins they have not earned.

Starting Cryptocurrency Cloud Mining

To participate in cloud mining, you do not need to follow any of the procedures that are predominant in crypto mining. To begin the process, you do not need to have specialized hardware systems of powerful computers that will help you in the successful crypto mining of prominent cryptocurrencies. You also do not have to store it somewhere or have to pay for the electricity bills for the computation power. 

Instead of that, you first need to select a pool that is a successful one. You just have to rent the hardware and wait for the time until it starts making money. In addition to this, you also have to choose a cryptocurrency. It is found out that at this time, Bitcoin, dogecoin, and Ethereum mining pools are the largest ones. If traders are interested in investing in cloud mining, they should look for these options as their first priorities.  

If you ask about the largest bitcoin mining pools, then they are as follows:

  • Antpool

It can be described as an open-access mine pool where ten cryptocurrencies are supported for mining-related purposes, including Bitcoin. The mining pool has an app that observes the hash rate in real-time of the users’ miners. Here in Antpool, you can perform multi-coin mining and can also go for shared account management. 

  • Poolin

According to some sources, Poolin is the second-largest bitcoin mining network. Most Bitcoin traders or miners rely on Poolin with their investments and mining strategies. It also supports the mining of multiple other cryptocurrencies and has a wallet of its own.

  • f2pool

f2pool is one of the oldest mining pools in the world. It has been working since 2013, and along with Bitcoin, it has added multiple other cryptocurrencies for mining-related purposes. It is one of the world’s leading crypto minings networks.

  •  Slush Pool

Slush Pool is also one of the oldest Bitcoin mining pools. It is also the first mining pool to have more than 1.2 million Bitcoin mining since 2010.  

To get started with the Cloud Mining services, you first:

  • need to select a mining provider
  • need to choose a cryptocurrency
  • need to sign up for an account

If we talk about the mining sites, then each of them is different, and they have a difference in fees, and their services differ along with the miners being offered. 

Since most of the users prefer Antpool, here we will be taking its example. It is also a mining pool that accounts for about fifteen per cent of bitcoin’s hash rate.  

First, you need to create an account before moving forward to other processes. For the process of account creation, you need to register on the website with your email account. After receiving a confirmation email, you can continue with the other processes. 

After this, you have to download the mining configuration software and then have to choose a miner. Antpool allows the sorting of all the mining machines’ profitability and efficiency. You can rent the miners to gain payouts periodically. 

Can Miners Earn Profit through Cloud Mining?

Mining is being done for years now, and you really do not have to wait for the prices to rise in cloud computing. Unlike investing in brokers or exchanges, it is better to get familiar with cloud mining processes so that you can earn immense profits. 

Although you need to invest some kind of money before getting into the cloud mining business, you first have to pay the account fees for the company you have chosen. After that, you have to invest money in renting miners. It is a fact that miners with excellent computation power may cost more than those with old-fashioned machines. Here at this stage, you must select a miner that has high-speed machinery for a better mining process. 

The most dominant point of cloud mining is that you do not have to buy expensive machines and computers. The cost of such machines is beyond imagination, and every person cannot afford it. It is highly beneficial for investors who want to earn money through mining but have less investment compared to mining companies that actually own expensive computing machinery. The returns are always good and high in Cloud mining. 

The investment made before all the processes is worth it. You can earn high profits through successful mining done by the miner you have chosen. It is also possible that the miner may cut some of the cost from your payouts but still, it is better if you keep investing in it to get better results with your miner’s smart and powerful machinery. 

It is recommended that all cloud miners go for miners with new mining machinery. It is because the specs of such computers are much better than the old-fashioned computing machinery, and it is because your investment should be placed in the right place. It is advised to stay away from slow machines that may have less chance of payouts rather than the fast machines that pay more and give fast returns.

Risk Related to Cloud Mining

When it is about mining or trading online, the risk factors are always high. The same goes for cloud mining. Fraudsters are everywhere in the market. You really can’t trust a miner having world-class machinery when you have not seen it with your own eyes. You do not know the company you are trusting has its own machinery or not.

There are many cloud mining companies that claim to be the best among all the other mining networks. Such companies usually go for promises like higher returns of investments within a short time period. At the same time, the only thing such companies do is to suck up the money that the individuals invest.

There are many fraudulent companies that are being operated to offer mining-related services. One of the prominent companies that are sucking up people’s money is USDMiners. You cannot trust this company with your investment or money, and you may get into bigger trouble if you do not cross-check mining companies before selecting them. You can check for reviews on some trustable websites that can guide you in a better way in this regard.

Before choosing a mining company, apart from reviews, you can check for multiple other factors to get an idea of the firm’s legitimacy. The first thing you should look in the company’s website is a false company address. As an investor, this detail has much importance for you as for anybody else. If the provided address is wrong, you can make sure enough not to select it. 

The other thing you should look for is the spelling mistakes the company’s writer may have made. Just because they lack professionalism, they lack it at every step. 

The third aspect to consider is the fake testimonials that the company’s own writers create with stock images of some other people. It is actually a very clear hint to all the investors not to trust companies with such fake testimonials.   

For investors, it is highly recommended to stick with the world-known mining companies, as I have already mentioned previously in the article. It is better to trust these companies rather than relying on the ones who are new in the market. The fraudulent companies attract customers with some outstanding returns and low fees. The legitimate companies may ask for more money, but their standard is far better. They provide security to each and every customer. They offer the cloud miners to get the returns rather than sucking up their money.

One of the major risks in mining cryptocurrencies is the value of the crypto-coin you are investing in. The cryptomarkets may show unbelievable trends that greatly affect your mining business. The crypto market is pretty volatile, and its volatility may affect your mining business in a drastic way. The prices of cryptocurrencies are not fixed, and they go up and down in a very short time. Prediction done by graphs or even expert traders may go wrong. Yet it is a factor you must consider before getting into cloud mining. Especially for Bitcoin, you need to be very careful before investing your money. 

Bitcoin’s value is pretty high if you compare it with Ether or dogecoin. Once you have invested in the Bitcoin cloud mining and the market goes down, you may get into losses.

One of the factors the investor should consider is that cryptocurrencies are decentralized currencies, and they are not fiat currencies with central authorities running them. Decentralized currencies are not owned by the government or other central authorities but are owned by the ones who buy them. 

In many countries, you are not allowed to trade Bitcoin or other digital assets. It is because the governments of different countries fear that these digital currencies may take over their fiat currencies in the near future. Many countries have banned the selling and purchasing of cryptocurrencies because of obvious fearful reasons. There may come a time where you have invested your hard-earned money in cloud mining, but then your country makes the usage of the currency illegal. At that time, you need to have other options of income. 

For example, there were a number of cloud miners in china who were very successful in carrying out their mining business. But then the time came in the spring of 2021, where China cracked down its own cryptocurrency mining industry. It literally gave the miners a hard time, and they lost their way of income.

Governments do not take decisions by looking at you, and they take decisions that are in their favour. The government cannot see their own currency getting lower in demand than the digital currencies, which are now in demand. Your country might ban the trading and mining of crypt assets, so don’t be completely dependent on the money you gain through digital assets.

If we focus on the risk that is related to cloud mining is much less than the real mining. In cloud mining, only your investments are in trouble. As a cloud miner, you do not have to spend large sums of capital on the mining business, and neither do you have to spend a huge amount of money to buy large and expensive computers that are basically used for the mining process? 

To be a good cloud miner, you should trust the companies on which millions of people trust. You do not need to give other companies a chance to mine cryptocurrencies for you. Mining is a complicated business, and to make it easy, and you majorly depend on cloud mining. If your choice is not up to the mark, there is no way to get higher returns from the miners or mining companies. 

Future of Cloud Mining

There is no chance that traders and miners will return to the same methods of mining processes. The past ways of mining Bitcoin and several other currencies are to an end. Now, people prefer cloud mining to mine the currency of their choice. 

The future of cloud mining is bright. You can say that mining will completely shift to cloud computing in the future. More and more people are coming into the trading business, and mining is also a good way of earning money through cryptocurrencies. Many individuals like the mining business, especially when it is done through other miners with powerful computing technology. 

Technology is changing every business dynamic. The same goes for cloud mining. When it was mining only, only a handful of people used to take an interest in mining. It was because mining costs were high. Miners were required to have some very powerful and robust computers that could easily mine cryptocurrencies to be successful in the mining business back then. 

Now the digital world has allowed people to invest in the mining process only. Cloud miners do not need to worry about the cost of expensive computers, and they just have to be a little careful about selecting the best miners among all. Only through the best miners you can achieve exceptional results.

Talking about the future of cloud mining, it is pretty sure that cloud mining is the only way to mine now, especially for those who cannot afford high-cost computers. These computers are needed for fast transaction processes and to solve complicated math problems.


If you are interested in investing in mining at an affordable cost, cloud mining is a great option for you to gain high returns.

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