Wemade Partnering with Time and Microsoft Backed Space to Pursue Web3 Gaming Projects

The South Korean-based gaming company Wemade has sealed a partnership deal with Microsoft- backed Space and Time to expand its presence in the Web3 world. Wemade issued a report on March 15 disclosing the plans of the partnership. According to the report, Wemade plans to improve gaming services by integrating revolutionary features to boost player experiences.

Also, Wemade plans to utilize Space and Time (SxT) proprietary tools, including developer resources, to improve the performance of its blockchain gaming network.

Purpose of the Partnership

Over the years, Wemade has been trying to transform the mainstream gaming sector by developing a series of new features. The Wemade team launched the blockchain-powered gaming platform WEMIX PLAY, which supports over 20 popular play-to-earn games, such as MIR4.

The quest to provide users with the best blockchain gaming experiences inspires the Wemade team to continue improving the WEMIX platform. The group plans to launch WEMIX version 3.0 to integrate non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and decentralized finance features and introduce WEMIX digital tokens.

Additionally, the WEMIX project team intends to leverage their expertise in Zero-Knowledge proofing to create an innovative layer-2 network centered on the Ethereum ecosystem. This will improve the security and scalability of the platform.

According to the partnership report Wemade, Space and Time agreed to collaborate in developing unique GameFi features that will boost the player experiences. The team plans to prioritize integrating creative infrastructure to improve the scalability and reliability of the digital games.

WEMIX Next Move

A statement from WEMIX chief executive Shane Kim, dated March 15, reveals that blockchain technology has enormous potential to revolutionize the gaming industry. Kim argued that blockchain technology provides the user with complete control of their assets crucial to stimulate the growth of the gaming sector.

He was delighted to announce that the new partnership will promote the development of blockchain technologies and improve the performance of the digital gaming industry.

The partnership will create multiplayer features for developers to integrate off-chain platforms with innovative on-chain smart contracts developed by Space and Time. The team plans to build new infrastructures to boost P2E game rewards and minimize the on-chain storage charges.

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