Cryptocurrency Wallet Binance Adds Support For WanChain

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Cryptocurrency Wallet Binance Adds Support For WanChain

Wanchain-an open source cryptographic project targeting to establish a new distributed financial infrastructure that connects different blockchain networks-has really suffered a busy environment. Not only has it become a member of the prestigious blockchain consortium, Wanchain has also been officially integrated with one of the most secure multi-currency mobile crypto wallets on the market.

The first of the two ads Wanchain appeared due to the Hyperledger, who welcomed fourteen new members in your project open source. Created in 2016, Hyperledger consortium aims to promote cross-industry blockchain technology.

With the addition of fourteen new members, Hyperledger now consists of 270 plus organizations whose expertise covers areas such as Finance, banking, logistics, manufacturing and technology.

Wanchain was integrated with Trust Wallet safe mobile wallet recently purchased Binance for undisclosed amount.

Their announcement explained that “integrating Trust Wallet into the Wanchain ecosystem is a great addition to the current WanWallet ” – a dedicated wallet solution developed by the Singapore-based registered Wanchain Foundation.

In addition, with a fully functioning web3 browser built into the Trust Wallet smartphone app, users can easily interact with decentralized applications (dApps).



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