Walmart Is Solving The Problem Of Delivery Through Blockchain

With importation staying one of the most stimulating sides of on the internet retail, Walmart is seeking to reveal and solve the task one blockchain patent at one time.

On July 5 the Bentonville, Arkansas-located big-box retailer was honored a patent detailing an innovation specializing on the delivery of packages as well as planning the delivery of these packages.

Named ‘Delivery Reservation Apparatus and Method” the patent which was registered previously a year ago mentioned of delivery centers which utilze a public ledger to define accessible capacity and make orders.

Data concerning which locker is free or reserved is registered on a public ledger. As soon as requests for booking are made, the public ledger is examined with a view of establishing whether there is significant capacity available. The public ledger is then updated to reveal this formation and development.

In order to utilize a blockchain advance reservation system, each interfacing station or delivery center is basically a hub within a blockchain network system.


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