Venezuela Begins International Operations With Cryptocurrency Petro

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Venezuela Begins International Operations With Cryptocurrency Petro

The Venezuelan government has launched a system of international trade operations through the cryptocurrency Petro, based on products such as oil, gasoline and the sale of plane tickets.

During the presentation of the cryptocurrency asset as a trading currency, with international standards and supported by the natural wealth of this South American country, President Nicolas Maduro said that, all the oil sold by Venezuela to other countries, as well as the gasoline that it sells to international aviation, hotel bills and ticket sales will be made in Petros.

The President also assured that the digital currency has become “the epicenter of the development of the new history of the Venezuelan economy and a new stage for Latin America and the entire Caribbean region”.

Earlier, Reuters conducted an investigation, the results of which indicate that the national cryptocurrency of Venezuela Petro is not secured and does not actually exist.

The reporters found that referred to the President of the oil in the Ayacucho 1 Tapirira nobody is developed. Moreover, the country’s stores do not accept Petro and the cryptocurrency itself, in fact, does not exist.


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