As a gift for the holidays, teenagers in the US prefer to get cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and V-bucks, in-game currency Fortnite for buying additional game content, rather than gift cards and cash, according to Holiday 2018 consumer behavior study report.

Investment Company Piper Jaffray conducted a study of consumer behavior in the run-up to the holidays, and interviewing teenagers, found that American teenagers prefer cryptocurrency to fiat as a gift.

Cryptocurrency V-bucks sold at about the rate of 1000 V-bucks for $9.99, and Fortnite is one of the most popular games, which in a short time attracted millions of gamers from around the world. The game is so popular that fraudsters spread malware aimed at stealing data about bitcoin wallets, masking them as cheats for the video game Fortnite, said in early October, the cybersecurity company Malwarebytes.

Epic Game Company, the creator of the game, recently raised another $1.25 billion, increasing the company’s capitalization to $15 billion. Also this week, the blockchain game startup Margaret de Courcelles was estimated at $13 million.

At that time, as modern teenagers would like to obtain cryptocurrency as a gift, the Millennials are already investing in crypto currencies. According to Deidre Campbell research, crypto currencies remain the preferred choice for long-term investment among Millennials investors, reported the New York Post, and the Edelman research showed that more than 25% of “wealthy” Millennials have their own cryptocurrency, or use them, and another 31% were “interested in using” cryptocurrency.


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