An Updated Version Of The Neon Wallet 2.0 Is Released

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An Updated Version Of The Neon Wallet 2.0 Is Released

An independent international team of developers in the NEO city of Zion (CoZ) ecosystem has announced the release of the Neon Wallet version 2.0 with an improved user interface and a number of other transformations. The original cross-platform wallet Neon was released last year and allows you to manage NEO tokens, as well as GAS tokens.

First, a system was created that allows wallet owners to generate QR codes with which they can request the payments. The code contains the public address, the type of asset and its quantity. The purpose of the tool is to reduce the risk of errors in the data entry process and loss of assets.

Secondly, the developers have implemented a clear process of prioritizing transactions. The fee structure now consists of four levels, allowing users to better understand the time a transaction can take to be confirmed by assigning a fee.

Considerable work has been done and testing to ensure that the user at any time could be sure that Neon Wallet accurately displays the amount of its assets. In addition, improved tools for viewing transaction history, adding contracts, creating and importing private keys. Also been converted functionality for future participation in the token shop on the blockchain NEO.

The developers note that they have paid considerable attention to ensuring the security of users ‘ assets with the help of numerous audits, and Neon Wallet itself will always remain a decentralized application that relies on the user’s own computer and NEO network to provide 99% of its functionality without the involvement of third-party APIs and services.


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