UPBIT Will Hold A Developer Conference Next Month To Promote Blockchain Technology

South Korea’s largest cryptocurrency exchange Upbit will hold a developer conference in September on Jeju island, the company said.

Upbit Developer Conference 2018 will be held from 13 to 14 September and will focus on the promotion of the newest technologies blockchain.

Every day, with the growing interest in developers who are the center of these technologies, there are more and more real services that use blockchain.

Among them-the founder and CEO of Steemit Ned Scott, the founder of Ontology Li Jun, General Director of OST Jason Goldberg and co-founder and CEO Bittrex Bill Shihara. Upbit founder song Chi Hyun will also take part in this project.

The programs will cover topics such as blockchain-based content platforms, scalability, stable coin, security and smart contracts, cloud computing and blockchain-based peer-to-peer services, decentralized applications and token technologies.

South Korea is the third largest cryptocurrency country in the world after the USA and Japan. The government is developing a regulatory framework for blockcahin technologies which will be announced later this year.


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