Unstoppable Domains Debuts an XMTP Instant Messaging

On Wednesday, August 23, the lead engineer at Unstoppable Domains (UD), Aaron Quirk, announced launching of an instant messaging platform for improving communications in the decentralized sector. The announcement conveyed by the engineer confirmed that the Web3 usernames will access the newly launched instant messaging.

In his report, the tech expert confirmed that the messaging tool will be powered by the Extensible Message Transport Protocol (XMTP). Quirk explained that the instant message will enable users of XMTP-oriented applications such as UD iOS and Coinbase Wallet, among others, to communicate effectively.

Unstoppable Domain Launching Instant Messaging

The Unstoppable Domains technical team plans to support the functionality of the instant messaging tool on Android devices. In light of the announcement, Quirk stated that the new messaging tool will entirely rely on the operation of the XMTP.

The engineer added that the XMTP will support the sharing and encryption of the messages. The integration to the XMTP aims at improving the storage of the messages.

Moerover, Quirk reiterated that the user will be allowed to access their messages in the future since the XMTP operates as an independent platform. It implies that even after the suspension of Unstoppable Domain due to future uncertainty, the owner’s Web3 usernames will be able to retrieve their past messages.

A Web3 username consists of crypto addresses representing an account with an extended character. The usernames were first introduced in 2017 to enable the user to receive crypto-related payments.

However, the dynamism in the tech sector has inspired companies to expand the use case of crypto usernames. Lately, tech companies are leveraging their expertise to widen the usernames’ utility to other applications.

Unstoppable Domain Reveals Next Move

In July, the Coinbase Wallet introduced the instant messaging feature to enable users to communicate with each other using their respective usernames, including the .eth or .cb.id addresses. Afterward, the Coinbase wallet leveraged the XMTP protocol to integrate with Lens, a well-known social media website.

Even though Coinbase failed to incorporate the usernames registered under the Unstoppable Domain, Quirk confirmed to have resolved the matter. Currently, the Coinbase wallet and Lens users can use instant messaging to communicate with the Unstoppable Domain users.

The engineer stated that the Unstoppable Domain team plans to enable the Push Protocol usernames to access the newly launched instant messaging tool. After the expected integration with the Push Protocol, users will receive messages using the Unstoppable Domain applications from Web3 initiatives. 

Previously, the Unstoppable Domains had partnered with Binance.US to generate usernames wuth a “.BinanceUS” domain. The Unstoppable Domains has gained popularity since it provides the user with complete ownership of their domain information. Additionally, the Unstoppable Domain offers unique domain names centered on non-fungible tokens (NFT).

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