In the spring of 2019, the first decentralized agricultural exchange will be launched in Ukraine, Agronews reported.

Trader Igor Tinkov noted that the blockchain platform will allow to unite all market participants: profile companies, agricultural holdings, farms.

Blockchain technologies are widely used in the agricultural sector. One of the main problems of agro-industry is losses: for example, in Russia a third of all food products in the world, worth 940 billion rubles per year, is lost or spoiled.

The digital transformation of the agro-industry and the introduction of new technologies in the industry, in particular, blockchain, will reduce these losses and reduce the number of hungry people (about 795 million), said the Director of the Ministry of agriculture Igor Kozubenko.

Recall that in May, the Ethiopian government signed a Memorandum of understanding with the cryptocurrency startup Cardano (ADA), in order to introduce blockchain developments in the agro-industrial sector of the country.

In December, it also became known that IBM Research and agricultural startup Hello Tractor have developed a platform for African farmers, based on artificial intelligence and blockchain technology. The companies will also launch the project in 2019, thanks to funding from IBM.


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