Scammers are once again trying to fool unaware people by emails relating to crypto coins in the UK. The fraudsters posed as the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) of the United Kingdom, a financial regulatory body that preserves honesty in the financial market of the country. The agency was founded in 2013 and works separately from the country’s government.

Reportedly, the email contains the logo of the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulatory Authority. The subject of the email is “Ensured Opportunity to Make Money” and contained a message reading that the value of Bitcoin (BTC) is going to greatly increase in a year.

It was stated in the email that even though the price of Bitcoin had decreased greatly since its all-time high of December 2017, the coin will most probably rise higher in the next year. The people who received the email were told to click a button that also had the logo of the Financial Conduct Authority.

The body denied sending the email and claimed that it found out about the scam from a financial adviser that wrote about it on Twitter. His email is thought to be a virus and the FCA encouraged receivers to not respond to the email.

A similar incident took place in Belgium when scammers tried to appeal to crypto investors with illegitimate accreditation. In Britain, citizens lost around thirty four million USDs to crypto frauds in 2018.

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