Uganda – Service Delivery Improvement Via Blockchain Technologies

The Ministry of Information and Communications Technology of Uganda  said government will influence on any accessible technology such as blokchain in order to combine information data base and increase effectiveness in public service delivery.

In Kampala the ICT ministry permanent secretary Mr Vicente Bagiire Waiswa said the use of technology will set Uganda into the global market place that is at this moment highly driven by technology.

Mentioning that it was time Uganda adopted technology for economic inclusion he said, “Government is going to use blockchain technology where it is appropriate to provide seamless services to the general public.”

According to Bagiire, the main characteristic of the knowledge-based economy worldwide is the ICT influence on the industrial structure and financial system, which held to speedy development of services.

Blockchain is a digitised system that records cryptocurrency transactions.

In fact, cryptocurrencies, which are a digital asset intended to work as a means of exchange are growing all over the world. At the same time, concerns were voiced, especially with regard to their regulation.

Mr Bagiire said that the usage of blockchain technologies will help to decrease the time people spend to access government services such as tax payment.

Mr Kwame Rugunda, the chairman of Blockhain Association, said the use of blockchain will add value and efficiency in service delivery such as payment systems and record management among other things.



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