Twitter Users Now are Able to Send Crypto with Torus

Twitter Users Now are Able to Send Crypto with Torus


A distributed private key management solution, Torus provides users an option to send Bitcoin & altcoins through social media accounts.

As reported, the Singapore-based platform’s latest update, v1.7.2, offers 6 new logins to the Torus Wallet & DirectAuth.

Users or apps now are able to open a new Ethereum blockchain wallet with one of the offered social identities such as Google, Twitter, Github, etc.

With v1.7.2, Torus users are able to send crypto to any Twitter or GitHub user, even if the user has never signed into the Torus account before.

These accounts are aimed to improve the crypto operations, also the user interaction inside the Torus platform.

In an official blog post, the platform mentioned that they are delighted to offer the new functionality of social media accounts for different cases of use.

It’s worth noting that in the end of the previous month, also provided a new service, enabling users to send Bitcoin Cash through emails. With these steps cryptocurrencies become available to wider range of people across the globe. Crypto and blockchain technology as well get involved in every industry and specter of our lives.

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