Twitter Adds Ether And Bitcoin Price Indexes To Its Search Function

Twitter, a well-known social media company, has incorporated an exclusive feature in its search tab to let consumers search the value of the top crypto tokens Ether (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC) just by entering their tickers or titles. The latest service is an advancement to Cashtags and Twitter Business account.

Twitter Offers Price Indexes for ETH and BTC in Its Search Tab

As noted by the account, whenever a prominent stock’s symbol is tweeted by someone, crypto or exchange-traded fund will appear with a $ and the users will be permitted to click that link to be redirected to search results including the relevant price graphs representing the respective symbols. According to the account, the price graph will be brought up by just a ticker symbol search related to crypto or stock.

On the 22nd of December, Elon Musk (the CEO of Twitter) reposted his tweet describing the unique feature’s announcement. The executive noted that it counts among several product improvements being made to the Twitter Business. It seems that ETH and BTC are just the two crypto tokens at present with the service of price charts. The rest of the well-known crypto tokens, taking into account Dogecoin (the favorite of Musk), are yet excluded.

Nonetheless, it is specified by Twitter Business that the project will enhance its exposure to symbols’ coverage as well as improve the consumer experience in the next weeks. A few have discovered that a variety of search tags like “BTC price,” “Bitcoin price,” and “$Bitcoin” also take to the price chart and similar is the case with Ethereum.

On the 21st of December, Jane Mastodon (a tech blogger) shared with her 158,700 followers on Twitter that the source of the respective charts is TradingView (a trading analysis forum). The price charts additionally present a link to Robinhood at the bottom, indicating that the retail trading firm has joined Twitter for the respective integration. The clients, on clicking the link, are directed to the price chart of Robinhood.

Nevertheless, no particulars regarding a collaboration between Robinhood and Twitter have been revealed yet. The integration of price charts may pave the way toward additional traffic to Robinhood because – according to BitinfoCharts’ data – #Bitcoin solely is tweeted nearly 120,000 times regularly. On the contrary, the range of Ethereum is around the mark of 25,000.

Formerly in December 2022, reports started circulating that the social media giant may establish its local crypto token entitled “Twitter Coin” and utilize it for payments being carried out on the platform.

Such rumors began spreading on the 4th of December, approximately a week following Musk provided a likely preview of Twitter 2.0, taking into account the potential integration of crypto-based payment integration on his social media forum.

However, at the moment, it seems that the future of the Tesla CEO at Twitter is somehow standing at a crossroads. This is because the Twitter executive has now become a controversial figure on the platform following sharing a poll for his resignation.

Musk Declares to Step Down as Twitter CEO on Finding Someone to Take Charge

On the 19th of December, Musk – while posting the poll – declared that he would regard the decision made by the consumers if they vote for his ouster. The results of the poll expressed 57.5% of the cumulative 17,502,391 votes polled for his exclusion. On seeing this, he announced to quit the platform as shortly as someone stupid agrees to take the post.

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