Tron Launches Atlas To Attract BitTorrent Users To Your Blockchain

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Tron Launches Atlas To Attract BitTorrent Users To Your Blockchain

Today, Tron Foundation presented more detailed information about the Atlas project and plans for BitTorrent, as writes the portal

TRON was acquired by BitTorrent in July 2018 along with their 100 mln active users. BitTorrent is an established peer-to-peer network with a well-developed and proven infrastructure, but only time will tell how well the cooperation will work.

At the first stage, the team will connect BitTorrent to the Tron blockchain, which will allow using the TRX token in the platform’s operation, making it faster and better for hundreds of millions of users.

In turn, according to Justin San, the Atlas project will be the basis for a new way of distributing content adapted to the world we live in today, while eliminating intermediaries and allowing content creators to distribute their creations directly to users.

At the initial stage of the Atlas project, BitTorrent participants will be able to receive tokens to stimulate users, allowing BitTorrent “nodes” to earn money by allocating more of their bandwidth and hard disk space for the network.

BitTorrent implements its functions as a set of backward compatible Protocol extensions, which means that all torrent clients will continue to run regardless of the version (BitTorrent or µtorrent).


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