TradeFW Review – Important Things to Ask about the Broker

TradeFW Review

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The trading markets are not a new phenomenon; they have existed for decades and there has been talk of people trading in the stock market or the forex market and making fortunes. Most people are under the impression that trading in these markets is too complicated and they have let this complexity push them away, even though they are aware of the potential of these markets. This remained the case for a long time, until a couple of decades ago that resulted in technological advancement. This reverberated through numerous industries, which included the world of trading. Today, online trading has piqued the interest of countless traders who couldn’t even have imagined ever stepping into the financial markets, much less trading full-time.

The best part is that you don’t have to have a full-time career in trading. You can opt for it as a way to supplement your existing income, or simply take it on as a hobby. The easy access to the financial markets is the primary reason that they are now enjoying such a huge influx of traffic. The stories of people making their fortunes in this space and accumulating wealth that lasts for generations has intrigued many people around the globe. The stock market as well as the forex market are rampant with such successes, but these are certainly not the only options that traders can explore.

There are other markets that are also worth exploring, such as the commodities market and indices. A new addition has also been made in the form of cryptocurrencies, which also offer substantial returns and have drawn many people towards the trading space. In today’s tough economic climate, everyone is looking to make high profits, which is possible through these financial markets. Plus, traders can enjoy a lot of flexibility, have access to numerous opportunities and not have to worry about any such barriers to entry.

If you want to trade in the financial markets, you don’t need a degree, any prior education or even any experience. You don’t even have to have a lot of capital to invest, which means you can start with a small portion of your savings and take things slow. But, where do you begin? Online trading is convenient and helpful, but where do you trade? This is where the role of a broker becomes evident, as these companies specialize in providing aspiring traders with the platform, the tools, services and features that are all needed in this process.

Looking for a broker is a major challenge for traders, but it is not because there aren’t many options. As a matter of fact, it is because there are too many options, as the companies offering trading services has doubled in the last few years. Sorting through these choices can be quite overwhelming and often pushes people into making the wrong choice, which can result in disastrous consequences. You cannot just blindly choose a brokerage because there is no way to predict if they are authentic and can offer you the required services.

Some companies are dubious and cannot be trusted, some are aimed at a specific category of traders, such as professionals or beginners. There are also those that offer limited assets or tools and more. The key is to know how to distinguish between the various companies in order to avoid the exhausting process of having to start from scratch. With the right broker, you will not miss out on any opportunity and you can only find them when you do your research. Investing a little time in research upfront can save you from a headache later on.

A forex and CFD broker, TradeFW is one of the firms you will find, which was established in May, 2018. Its parent company is iTrade Global (CY) Ltd, which is located in Limassol, Cyprus and is licensed to offer trading services to people all over Europe. You will be able to access the website in several languages, including English, Italian, German, Arabic, Russian, Swedish, Spanish and Dutch. It promises a well-rounded experience, thanks to an array of instruments, solid account options, multiple trading solutions and advanced trading tools. Since it is a CFD (Contract for Difference) broker, you are only trading in contracts of the underlying assets and not purchasing the assets physically, which is a plus.

This gives you a good impression, but there are a lot of other things that you need to look into in great detail. Take a look at some of them below:




Trading Accounts

Standard, Gold, VIP and Professional

Minimum Deposit


Assets Coverage

Forex, Stocks, Indices, Commodities and Cryptocurrencies

Trading Tools

Charting and technical analysis tools, trading indicators, price quotes, negative balance protection, risk management tools and Expert Advisors (EAs) for automated trading

Education and Training


Customer Support

24/5 customer support via email and phone number

Security Policy

AML (Anti-Money Laundering) and KYC (Know your Customer) policies, Investor Compensation Fund (ICF)

Parent Company

iTrade Global (CY) Ltd.


Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC)

tradefw website

TradeFW is a Regulated Brokerage

When you start looking at the brokers in the financial markets, you will come to know that they are divided into two categories; regulated and unregulated ones. Regulated companies are defined as those that obtain an operating license for providing their services and are monitored and supervised by a regulatory authority, which means complying with their standards and rules. In contrast, unregulated brokers may not have any license, develop and implement their own policies and don’t have to comply with any requirements.

This distinction alone indicates that regulated brokers are more reliable and professional because they have made the effort of obtaining an appropriate license and are providing authentic services. TradeFW is a regulated broker, which is supervised by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), which is a well-known and popular regulatory body. Companies that are regulated by the organization have to comply with some strict requirements in order to offer their services. This regulation requires the broker to also comply with the MIFID II Directive i.e. the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive, which can promote competition, transparency, financial efficiency and ensure consumer protection.

Since it is a regulated company, TradeFW has implemented the AML (Anti-Money Laundering) and KYC (Know Your Customer) security policies on its platform. This means that anyone who signs up on the company’s platform will have to submit some documents for verifying their identity and address before they are permitted to make transactions. Documents that can be submitted for proof of identity include a national ID card, an international passport or a driver’s license. A utility bill, whether water, gas, or electricity or a bank statement, can be submitted for proof of address.

In accordance with the CySEC regulation, TradeFW is also a member of the Investor Compensation Fund (ICF). This means that in case the company is filing for bankruptcy or suspending its services, it is liable to provide compensation to its clients for all the funds they have deposited.

TradeFW offers Several Trading Solutions

When you are done checking the regulatory status of the broker, it is time for you to shift your attention towards the trading solutions that are offered to you. It is important to know what trading solutions are available because this refers to the software you will use for executing your trades and it includes the tools and features that are required for efficient trading. If the platform doesn’t deliver a good performance, you will have issues during the trading process. For instance, if the platform is too slow or breaks down frequently, you will not be able to execute your trades in a timely manner, thereby affecting your profit.

Therefore, you need to powerful and innovative trading solutions that give you flexibility and space to trade as per your preference. To provide its clients with the best, TradeFW has opted to offer the MetaTrader4 range of trading solutions to its clients. Recognized as one of the best trading platforms in the financial markets, the MT4 uses state-of-the-art technology for delivering an optimal trading experience. Hence, it has become the top choice of traders all over the globe. You will find different versions of the MT4 available at Trade FW, which include:

The MT4 Desktop

The traditional version of the MT4 is the desktop trading platform, which gained popularity because of superior order execution and highly intuitive user interface that is far better than the other options out there. It can be downloaded on different operating systems and doesn’t take long in installation. A horde of customizable features are also provided, which can enhance your overall trading experience. You can use one-click trading and get access to tools and features, such as analysis tools, charting package, multiple chart setup, several order types, navigator window, order execution capabilities and pre-installed trading indicators. In addition, traders are also allowed to use Expert Advisors (EAs), which can be used for automated trading.

The MT4 WebTrader

Traders who don’t want to use a downloadable trading platform have the option of the MT4 WebTrader, which has been added by TradeFW for facilitating its clients. Accessing the platform is quite straightforward, as you only need to log into your account via their website to do so. There is no download or installation of software needed and its user-friendly interface makes it easy to use for every trader. You can use the one-click trading feature here as well, and some of the other perks available include access to complete account history, multiple trading orders and execution modes, real-time quote sin MarketWatch, trading indicators, chart time-frames and data protection via encryption.

The MT4 iOS

As mobile solutions are in high demand by modern traders, it is not surprising that mobile trading apps have also been developed to cater to traders. TradeFW allows its clients the option of downloading the MT4 mobile app designed for iOS devices, including both iPad and iPhone. This app allows traders to take advantage of all opportunities in the financial markets because they have access to their account 24/7. You can also enjoy customizable layouts, extra-fast trade execution, and multiple screens as well as automated trading. There are different execution modes available, along with an intuitive charting package and real-time price quotes.

The MT4 Android

Just like iOS, TradeFW has also added the MT4 mobile app for Android devices, which works for smartphones and tablets alike. The app is enriched with features and is powered by cutting edge technology that comes with customizable layouts. One-click trading, historical data, real-time quotes, advanced charting capabilities, full trading history and order execution modes are just some of the features that are provided here. In addition, the tablet version of the mobile app allows traders to directly trade from the charts.

TradeFW Trading Instruments

TradeFW Boasts 170 Trading Instruments

It is never smart for traders to consider a broker for their trading needs without taking a look at their asset offerings. It is vital to check what assets are provided for trading, particularly if you have a specific instrument in mind that you want to invest in. If your preferred options are unavailable, why go through the process of signing up with the company in question? Even if you don’t have any preferences, it is still better to check the asset index because it will help you see if your portfolio can be diversified because this can be key in mitigating your risks and maximizing your profits.

You need to know what trading instruments TradeFW has included in its index. This CFD broker offers you a range of diverse trading instruments. There are more than 170 options that you can explore and they all belong to different financial markets. Some of the asset categories that can be explored on this company’s trading platform are:

Forex: Defined as the largest market in the world because of its daily trading volume of $5 trillion, the foreign exchange market is full of trading opportunities. There is a wide array of currency pairs that can be traded with different levels of volatility, which gives traders the freedom to find pairs that suit their risk appetite. USD/CAD, EUR/USD, GBP/USD and USD/JPY are some of the currency pairs that are available.

Commodities: If you are looking for a consistent and reliable market, commodity trading is the way to go because it is able to provide consistent and long-term returns. TradeFW gives its users the opportunity of trading different types of commodities, including precious metals like gold, platinum, silver and palladium. Energies like crude oil and natural gas can also be traded. They have also given the option of opting for soft commodities, including agricultural products like coffee, soybeans, cocoa and corn.

Stocks: The stock market is one of the world’s most prominent financial markets where people buy and sell shares of notable companies in various industries. You can invest in stocks of some of the most well-known companies in the world, such as Google, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon and eBay, which can give you the kind of returns you are looking for. There are also cannabis stocks available for people who are looking for something rare. Shares of some Italian firms, such as ENI, Unicredit and Fiat can also be traded on TradeFW.

Indices: Instead of individual stocks, the indices market tracks the performance of different stocks combined, which makes them even more lucrative and promising for traders. Those who like taking risks can opt for some of the leading indices like S&P 500, FTSE 100, NASDAQ, DAX, Nikkei and more.

Cryptocurrencies: The first cryptocurrency that was introduced in the market was Bitcoin back in 2009. Today, the cryptocurrency market comprises of more than 7,000 coins and is one of the most highly demanded assets available today. TradeFW has added some of the most prominent and profitable cryptocurrencies in the market, which include Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ripple and Ethereum.

TradeFW has an Easy Registration Process

TradeFW Registration Process

An important aspect of the trading process is to register yourself with the broker you are choosing. Knowing what registration involves is necessary because it is not always simple and quick. There are companies that have become notorious for adding a lot of legalities and formalities by asking for detailed and extensive information. This not only takes up a lot of time, but is also highly frustrating. With TradeFW, you don’t have to worry about such problems because their registration process has been kept easy and straightforward for everyone, whether they are a newbie or an experienced trader.

You don’t have to go through any approval process either and the only real requirements that you have to complete is complying with the AML and KYC requests. To start the procedure, you need to go to the broker’s website and fill out the form that you will find when you click on ‘Open an Account’. The form asks for basic information, such as your first name and last name, a phone number, location, password and an email address. You can complete these form in a few minutes and then confirm that you are at least 18 before you can move forward. TradeFW also asks all traders to agree to the Terms & Conditions that are applicable, which you can easily find on their website. You can go over them once and then agree, thereby ending the registration process.

TradeFW comes with Multiple Account Options

TradeFW Account Options

It is recommended that you check a broker’s account options because you want to be able to trade according to your style. Traders can often become frustrated due to the limited options provided by some companies, or their requirements may be a bit hard to meet. You want to be able to use the account easily and not be restricted by its features. In this regard, there are four account options that have been added by TradeFW, as they are facilitating traders from all backgrounds and categories. Whether you are a newbie, an intermediate trader or a professional, there is an account option that has been developed for you.

There are four account choices that you will find on their platform. The options begin with the Standard account, which is the most basic option that you will find at TradeFW. It is a good choice for newcomers with zero experience and knowledge and has a minimum contract size of 0.0.1. The spreads in this account start at 2.7 pips and a leverage of 1:30 is provided. There are Expert Advisors (EAs) available, 24/5 customer support and hedging is also supported. Traders are also given access to educational resources and the stop out level is set at 50%.

The Gold account is the second option that has been designed for intermediate and beginner traders. The spreads are reduced in this account and start at 2 pips for giving some more incentive to the traders. Moreover, the minimum contract size is also adjusted to 0.05. The next account is referred to as VIP and this one is for traders who are advanced and experienced, so they will certainly like the tight spreads starting at 1.7 pips. The contract size here is 0.1 now. The last account option that TradeFW has developed for its clients is known as Professional and it is for seasoned, skilled and professional traders.

To cater to them, this account not only offers features that are provided in the rest of the account options, but also comes with the highest leverage on the platform i.e. 1:500. This is undoubtedly appealing to traders who want to have a high trading volume and don’t have a problem in taking any risks.

Along with these offerings, TradeFW has also made an effort to add educational resources on their platform to help their clients in polishing their knowledge and understanding. They also support a wide array of payment methods to make deposits and withdrawals convenient. Moreover, their customer support department is also quite an impressive one and can assist you when required, making this platform a smart choice for every trader.

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