Topco will Pilot Mastercard’s Blockchain Technology

Topco will Pilot Mastercard’s Blockchain Technology


Topco Associates LLC, the largest American retail food GPO, will pilot Mastercard’s blockchain technology in its operations to track source of seafood at its member groceries.

As reported by the press release, Topco will test a tracking system which is designed by Envisible (logistics firm). Envisible’s Wholechain tracking platform is powered by Mastercard’s blockchain-based Provenance Solution.

Senior vice president of Fresh at Topco Scott Caro noted that they have partnered with Food City & Envisible to satisfy expectations of its customers & give them the possibility to be aware of what they it by getting faithful data related to the food they purchase.

In addition, executive vice president at Food City Dan Glei mentioned that the usage of this new tracking scheme will give grocers the possibility to confidently stock shelves, being enable to identify the problems that appear in the food chain.

Deborah Barta, senior vice president at Mastercard, stressing the increasing importance of the things’ identification, mentioned: “Our provenance solution leverages Mastercard’s established network capabilities, globally-scaled technology & services like payments & counterfeit programs.” In addition, she noted that this will permit them to provide trust, “financial inclusion & back-end efficiencies to the marketplace.”


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