Time Magazine Becomes Latest Entity To Adopt Bitcoin

This is Bitcoin time as the prominent Time magazine set to hold Bitcoin on the balance sheet. The Time magazine has already partnered with Grayscale to put some educational cryptocurrency videos and accepted to receive payment in Bitcoin. No many partnership details have been shown so far, but this surely means Bitcoins’ time.

Time Magazine Partners With Grayscale To Drop Some Educational Videos on Crypto

Time magazine is set to hold Bitcoin on the balance sheet as Grayscale partners with Time Magazine to create some educational videos on crypto assets. In April 2021, Michael Sonnenshein, Grayscale CEO, announced that Time and Keith Grossman (Time’s president) would be paid in Bitcoins. Time doesn’t aim to convert Bitcoins; it gets via the fiat’s deal and would hold Cryptocurrency assets on the balance sheet. No other partnership details have been shown so far.

Times, first published in March 1923, became only active in the cryptocurrency world lately. In March 2021, Time profited on NFTs mania when it drops some tokenized covers on the SuperRare NFT marketplace. The “TIME Space Exploration” NFT gulps about 135 Ethereum worth about $250,000 on 31st March 2021. More so, the firm announced that it was looking for a crypto major financial officer in march after placing the vacancy on Linkedin. The listing categorically stated that the media industry faces a tremendous evolution. Time seeks for a chief financial officer to guide the transformation.

Time Becomes the 33rd Traded Firm to Hold Bitcoins on the Balance Sheet Publicly

Time, published in March 1923, is a US news and magazine based in New York, US. For several years, the magazine published weekly but switched to bi-weekly from 2021. However, Bitcointreasuries.com stated that Time would assume the 33rd traded firm publicly to hold Bitcoins on the balance sheet. It joins the list of the prominent United States firms that already invested billions in Bitcoins since August 2020; Square added about 4,709 Bitcoins in October, while Tesla bought about $1.5 billion Bitcoins in January 2021.

Blackrock, a multinational corporation, equally started venturing in cryptocurrency in February, gaining over $360,000 with Bitcoin futures. This move signifies a remarkable partnership between heavy dogs of cryptocurrency and the mainstream. It is vital to add that Grayscale was created in 2013 and posses about $46 billion crypto assets in its management. It has about 3 per cent of Bitcoins in total supply.

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