These Three Factors Can Threaten Global Economic Collapse, According To Rich Dad Poor Dad Author

Robert Kiyosaki, the person who wrote the bestseller “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” has indicated aspects that can potentially pave the way toward an economic downfall in the future. Interestingly, with the mounting inflation as well as the elevating interest rates, the author has formerly presented a heart-rendering outlook, cautioning that an epic collapse is nearing. As per him, the economy is presently in the huge bubble ever witnessed in the entire history of the world.

Robert Kiyosaki Discusses 3 Aspects Which Can Dump the Global Economy

While appearing in The Rich Dad Radio Show’s new episode on the 7th of December 2022, Kiyosaki – together with Jim Rickards (an American lawyer and author) – investigated the 3 chief factors that can potentially dump the economy in the case of poor management. The most important among them was the breakdown of the system of the supply chain. As per Kiyosaki, this would take place soon.

Rickards emphasized the importance of the supply chain in the foundation of the economy, saying that it cannot be directed because of its extraordinary complexity. Rickards added that the supply chain is not something lying within the economy rather it is a wide and comprehensive array. As per Rickards, one can apply some method on the supply chain but it cannot be comprehended by anyone.

Secondly, Rickards and Kiyosaki simultaneously disclosed that the supply chain connects to the monetary budget that is presently experiencing significant inflation. Kiyosaki asserted that he went to King’s Point-based academy where they were taught about the supply chain as the major thing. As revealed by Kiyosaki, if the major factor is overlooked that the micro factors cannot be managed.

Apart from that, the two authors suggested that the coming time might witness a bad economic condition if the present inflation enhances and adds to a potential liquidity crisis. It was formerly reported that Rich Dad author cautioned against the soaring inflation as it would potentially eliminate almost half of the population of the United States. In this regard, Kiyosaki has supported the collection of valuable metals such as silver and gold.

‘Rich Dad’ Author Remains Bullish on BTC

They would potentially endure the collapse, he added. In addition to this, he was of the view that the crypto assets are also promising, particularly Bitcoin (BTC). In the end, the authors moved on to talk about political instability. As per them, this counts as an important hazard to the economy. They stressed that political instability can be fatal for the supply chain and could disrupt it.

While discussing this, Rickards focused on the ongoing clash between China and the United States for controlling the economy across the globe. In Rickards’ words, this is also a factor that would outline the future of the world’s economy. He mentioned that both countries are mutually making efforts to decouple each other.

This thing, Rickards added, would likely pave the way toward resilience. He posed a question over the likely supporting countries for both the competitors in the case of natural resources. Africa and South Asia were named by him in this respect. Nonetheless, he concluded the point by saying that resilience would potentially be witnessed generally.

Throughout the conversation, Rich Dad’s author maintained that the indications of an economic downfall are becoming more and more apparent. He noted that the bonds, fake, cash, and stock markets are under great stress.

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