The Google Backed Cryptocurrency Rising on the Horizon

Theta is a digital video delivery and streaming network based in San Jose, CA. The purpose-built blockchain allows its users to earn Theta coins for streaming videos and relaying them to their peers who are watching the same content. The users can store their earnings on desktop, iOS, and android based applications, which work as an access gateway for Theta wallets. 

For now, the digital token has dropped by 4%, and its daily trade volume has been decreased by 45%. Such circumstances might mean a trial period for the current holders but presents a lucrative investment opportunity for prospective buyers. The altcoin is currently valued at $12.07 but is expected to hit a new all-time high of $15.00 with a visible bear correction soon.

The Digital Services Emperor of the World is Betting only on Theta

Google is the leading digital services providing company in the world. Many digital gurus and technical pundits are questioning Google’s decision to stay out of the crypto arena. However, Google Cloud joined hands with Theta Labs last year in an attempt to start building its crypto portfolio. With a world-leading giant like Google, Theta is expected to show rigorous strength and massive gains. 

It should be noted that Theta is still not registered on Binance US or Coinbase. The dev updates and partnerships on THETA have shown the same promise and trend as the short-lived rise and fall of USDT, ADA, DOT, and XRP to 3rd largest cryptocurrency by trade volume. Despite all these facts, THETA has managed to attract the attention of crypto traders as of late.

Is Theta a Promising Investment?

Many financial analysts believe that the current bear trend is a small window of big opportunity to raise stakes in Theta. The current partnerships of Theta might be able to take it to the moon and beyond. The association of Theta Network with Google cloud is backed by a venture. This venture is a sponsored pool of institutional funding coming from Sierra Ventures, Heuristic Capital, GFR fund, and the VR fund, among others. 

On the other hand, Grayscale has also added Theta to the list of top 10 altcoins for raising stakes with its massive institutional capital. Other big stakeholders like Google, NASA, and SpaceX are also associated with this token for technical content translation. The Theta has even gained in numbers on Microsoft and NVidia in terms of active monitors. 

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