Tezos Foundation Partners With Google Cloud To Boost Web3 Apps Development On Its Blockchain

Tezos Foundation has recently started a collaboration with Google Cloud, focusing on speeding up the advancement of Web3-based apps on its blockchain. As included in the latest collaboration, Google Cloud – the top search engine platform Google’s cloud division – has consented to play the role of a validator on Tezos’ proof-of-stake blockchain.

Google Cloud Agrees to Become Tezos Network’s Validator

The respective contract targets to permit the corporate consumers of Google Cloud to construct as well as deploy the Web3-focused applications on the blockchain platform of Tezos.

This will be possible with the use of the cloud infrastructure of Google, as mentioned in a statement. By operating as a “baker” or validator on the network of Tezos, Google Cloud will permit corporate clients to back the blockchain development.

In addition to this, several ventures that Tezos has incubated will be permitted to have mentorship and credits from Google. Google Cloud’s engineering director for Web3 “James Tromans” stated that the platform offers a reliable and secure infrastructure for the developers and founders in the Web3 space.

As per the executive, consumers will be able to scale as well as innovate their applications as a result of the respective partnership.

The executive disclosed that the platform is making efforts to offer scalability and reliability with the cloud services of the company to support Tezos’ Web3 applications. This is not the initial foray of Google Cloud into the world of blockchain. Back in September 2022, the firm initiated a partnership with Sky Mavis to operate a validator node for Ronin.

At that time, Ronin mentioned that the agreement was a multi-year partnership with Google Cloud for the advancement of the network’s security. In addition to this, the platform disclosed that its vision of developing a gaming world would be translated into reality as a result of that collaboration.

Google Cloud Continues Expanding Its Collaborations Dealing with Cloud Services

While discussing the respective partnership, Aleksander Larsen (the chief operating officer and co-founder of Sky Mavis) stated that the validators play a significant role in correctly processing transfer on Ronin. The executive added that Google Cloud has proficiency related to operating validators and blockchain infrastructure.

Ronin revealed that Google Could had been offering cloud-related services since the year 2020, as included in its strategic partnership. Apart from that, Sky Mavis also selected Google Cloud to enhance the cashing and load-balancing features of its content-delivery network. Ronin network is considered to be a platform for Ethereum’s gaming-focused sidechain.

After that, in October 2022, Google declared introducing a node engine based powered by its cloud services for the projects operating on the Ethereum network. The platform asserted that the Google Cloud Blockchain Node Engine would play the role of a completely organized node-hosting service to decrease the requirement for node activities.

By saying this, Google meant that it would be accountable for administering the node operations along with resuming them at times of outages. These integrations signify the interest taken by the big players in the tech industry in Web3 and blockchain-based projects.

These collaborations may additionally increase the confidence of the other companies, which are interested in entering this space, in moving forward toward Google and other such platforms to have a resilient infrastructure.

Formerly, Google Cloud brought to the front the linkage between the accounts exploited by the bad actors for mining cryptocurrency. This indicates that the platform is aware of the security risks posed to the market of digital assets at present.

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