Tether, the company, issued 300 million new USDT tokens. Attention to this news was attracted by Whale Alert — a popular service for tracking the movements of large amounts of crypto assets on Twitter.

This data is confirmed by the transaction browser of the Omni Protocol, which operates on the basis of the bitcoin blockchain. Tether actually credited 300 million new USDTs to its vault. At the moment, it is not known exactly how the company will dispose new tokens.

Already there were versions from users who were divided into two groups. The first version states that someone decided to make Fiat money in cryptocurrency through the purchase of stablecoin. This is a bullish scenario, however, there are also negative thoughts among community representatives, who claim that someone is leaving the cryptocurrency in the USDT.

According to CoinMarketCap, the issue of USDT today is 2.827 billion tokens. Obviously, the new 300 million tokens is a significant amount.

The release of a new portion of tokens on Omni looks somewhat strange against the background plans for a partial transfer of USDT to the Tron blockchain and the addition of support for a new cryptocurrency format by some exchanges. So, this morning, Huobi and OKEx announced the start of depositing USDT-TRON deposits. Some users suggested that adding a new blockchain to the USDT system would help to reduce the issue of the token based on bitcoin, but at the moment the opposite situation is observed.



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