Telegram Tokens Offered for Sale at Triple ICO Price

Telegram Tokens Offered for Sale at Triple ICO Price

Japanese crypto coin exchange Liquid reports that South Korea’s Gram Asia is selling rights to Gram, Telegram tokens, holdings at $4.00 per piece in a sale that will start on July 10.

The sale price is 3 times higher than the original $1.33 sale price at Gram’s 2nd ICO round in March 2018.

It appears that the sale set on July 10 will take place via Japanese crypto-asset exchange Liquid site. Liquid also hosted the Gram ICO in March, during which Telegram raised $850 million, reaching up to $1.7 billion in its total valuation.

Furthermore, it is stated that if buyers purchase Gram token with Liquid’s crypto QASH, there will be a discount and the price will be reduce to $3.50 per token.

Aton, Russian research agency, states that the future Gram token price will be variable; however, overall it will vary between 2.1 – 8 USD.

Telegram has set a start date by the end of the 3rd quarter 2019, before Facebook’s Libra token debuts.

Pavel Durov, who raised $1.7 bln from investors during the previous year to finance the development of Telegram Open Network blockchain, aims that transaction speeds will be faster than the BTC, as well as ETH blockchains and can even enter a competition with Visa and Mastercard.

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