TCN Markets Review – Is TCN Markets Scam or a Legit Crypto Broker?

TCN Markets Review

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TCN Markets is a global online brokerage platform providing a wide range of trading instruments. It is a new but technologically advanced platform where traders can invest in more than a thousand world-class assets. It provides services in 52 countries of the world at the moment and so far more than 11k clients have availed its services. In this TCN Markets review, I will tell you if it is secure or not and also share the details about the features offered by this broker.

TCN Markets is a completely secure platform because it uses encryption technology same as the one used by banks and other online retailers to protect the privacy of its customers. Furthermore, it uses segregated accounts to protect the investment money of its traders from hackers and fraudsters.

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The firm has also made a sincere effort to provide a super-fast and friendly customer support representation that works tirelessly to make the trading experience of traders flawless. On the basis of these three steps, it can be easily regarded as a secure platform. Now I will tell you how are its features.

Available Trading Products

When a trader starts considering a platform for use, the first thing he checks is whether it offers the trading asset he wants to invest in or not. Let me tell you that here at this platform, you can trade any asset of your choice as it provides an option to trade Stocks, Indices, Forex, Commodities (Both hard and soft), Crypto, and CFDs.

When a trader is provided that much choice to decide, he becomes mentally comfortable and as a result, he can focus on the execution of trades with full vigor.

TCN Markets trading products

Offered Trading Accounts

Not just the trading instruments but TCN Markets provides a lot of options when it comes to trading accounts as well. It is offering four different account types for its clients to make it easy for them to decide how much they need to invest initially. Let’s discuss the accounts in detail below.

  • Silver Account

Although the Silver account is the basic account of TCN Markets, it is equipped with pretty amazing features. The initial deposit required to open this account is 1,000 American Dollars. As it is a basic account so the trading fee is slightly higher but the spreads are very low. The clients are given an introduction to financial marketing and customer support is provided without any extra charges.

  • Gold Account

The second account of TCN Markets, the Gold account, can be purchased for 10,000 dollars. In this account, daily market briefs are provided so that traders remain updated with the market movements. In addition, this account provides negative equity protection as well. Required customer support service is also provided to eliminate the ambiguities and concerns of traders.

  • Platinum Account

The Platinum account is the third in line with an initial deposit requirement of 50,000 dollars. To make the traders able to earn more profit, the platform provides them short and long-term strategies with the explanation of common trading.  VIP customer support service is provided 24/6.

  • VIP Account

The VIP account is the top-notch account of TCN Markets and it is fully loaded with tools and features. VIP clients are offered the best prices on all trading instruments. These clients have access to webinars as well and the platform provides updates according to the individual interests of traders.

Deposit Methods

TCN Markets has created ease for its traders by providing them various options to deposit funds in their trading accounts. Other than the traditional wire transfer method, you can top up your account through credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, and PayPal. A couple of online payment apps are also linked with TCN Markets and you can use them to easily make the transfer. These payment apps are HBSC and Skrill. The easy deposit method of this broker makes the trading process more enjoyable for traders.


In the education section of TCN Market’s platform, there are two sub-sections named FAQ and Glossary. The FAQ section is created to reduce the need of contacting customer support and answer of all the common queries already listed here. The second option, Glossary, is a pretty fascinating step taken by this broker.

It is developed to educate its traders regarding all the terms related to online trading and trading instruments. In the glossary, the material is organized alphabetically so that traders find the required information without any hassle. There is also a search option through which the information can be found in seconds.

Privacy Policies

To ensure compliance with the obligations regarding order execution, TCN Markets has proceeded to creation and maintenance of its order execution policy. It is advised to all the clients to read this policy before registering with the platform. By reading the policy you would become aware of the procedure company follows to execute trades. The company considers the following factors while executing orders.

  • Price of assets
  • Estimated execution time
  • Fees/commissions
  • Market conditions (variables)
  • Execution compatibility

The company also warns its clients about possible slippage. Slippage is a possible situation in which the price of an asset changes between order confirmation and order execution. But the company ensures that the orders are executed at the best nearest price available.

I have seen no broker with such a clear-cut privacy policy. Every other platform tries to hide facts from clients so that more and more people register with them. The transparency of this broker makes it one of the best available brokerage platforms. TCN Markets reviews its policy from time to time and informs its clients about the changes accordingly.

Final Remarks

I have found this broker to be providing top-notch services and features and having an eye on its security features, I regard it as a secure platform where you can invest your money with ease of mind. I recommend you invest your money with TCN Markets if you want nonstop profits.

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