Taiwan Hospital Launched Blockchain-Platform For Making and Keeping Records

In the framework of efforts to strengthen the policy of the hierarchical medical system of the Government, the Taipei Medical University Hospital has executed a blockchain platform to contribute the monitoring and checking of the medical records.

The Healthcare Blockchain-Platform will be utilized to increase referral services for patients and integrates personal health networks for them to gain access to their medical records with relative simplicity.

In an announcement issued by the hospital, the Platform will be a one direction and long term perspective medical assistance in support of the state policy of the hierarchical medical system.

The project included the collaboration of more than 100 community-based clinics and used blockchain technology to address global health problems.

The superintendent of the hospital, Chen Ray-Jade, who spoke with the news channel, mentioning that the technology will provide the opportunity to synchronize electronic medical records with electronic medical records from various clinics and hospitals. It will also have a security notification function and consent before any transfer.


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