Taiwan Authorities Banned Anonymous Transfers Of Cryptocurrencies

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Taiwan Authorities Banned Anonymous Transfers Of Cryptocurrencies

The Taiwan Parliament approved new amendments to the country’s legislation, according to which users of trading and exchange platforms will be required to indicate their real name. The country’s banks will also block suspicious transactions and report them to the financial regulator.

Taiwan’s Parliament — the Legislative Yuan — on Friday adopted amendments to existing legislation aimed at regulating the turnover of crypto-assets in the country. This was reported by the local publication Focus Taiwan.

Banks will now be able to reject anonymous transfers from crypto-exchanges. In addition, they will be required to report all suspicious transactions to the FSC.

In addition, non-financial enterprises that violate AML will be fined at least 50 thousand yuan (slightly more than $7200). For financial institutions, the fine will be 10 times higher.

Earlier, the Chairman of FSC has announced plans for the introduction of regulation to ICO.



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