StsRoyal Review: Why is it Ideal for Crypto Trading?

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Even though they have been around for a decade, cryptocurrencies truly gained the limelight a few years ago in 2017. Bitcoin reached its peak and helped thousands of investors all over the world to earn millions overnight. Since then, cryptocurrencies have been on the fast track for popularity and now you will come across tons of new ones being launched on a regular basis. It is true that not all of the new coins that are introduced will survive long term, but this digital currency is gaining worldwide acceptance and will continue to be integrated in different areas of our lives.

Therefore, it is not surprising that many people, who are interested in investing their money somewhere for earning substantial and quick returns, give cryptocurrency some attention. Thanks to the internet, trading the crypto of your choice is easier than ever and the only real requirement is to find a broker. The broker will give you access to the cryptocurrencies you want to trade, along with the features and services you need to do so. StsRoyal is one broker that specializes in helping people trade cryptocurrencies in today’s market. You will get a cryptocurrency investment platform that enables you to trade the coin of your choice and do it while using cutting edge technology and resources.

StsRoyal is registered in Munchen, Germany and doesn’t just offer you CFD trading for cryptocurrencies, but also gives you the option of trading indices, stocks and commodities. This broker doesn’t just allow you to trade; their investment platform also gives you room to create strategies that can come in handy for trading profitably. It is designed for global use as the website can be accessed in eight different languages, which makes it great for crypto trading no matter what part of the world you are in. But, what makes it better than the rest of the options in the market? Some of its qualities and features are highlighted below:

StsRoyal has a robust and versatile trading platform

Your trading experience will depend on the software a broker offers for trade execution. It is referred to as the trading platform and StsRoyal provides you with a versatile option. There is no a very big learning curve as the platform is very intuitive and empowered with modern and cutting edge technology. The best thing about it is that the platform is web-based, which means you just need a web browser and internet connection to access it and don’t have to be restricted to one device.

StsRoyal enables you to trade numerous crypto coins

It is true that Bitcoin is the most renowned cryptocurrency in the market, but it is definitely not the only one. There are various cryptocurrencies that have been introduced since then and some have enjoyed significant success, such as Ripple, Litecoin and Ethereum. There are also others, such as DASH, Monero, Bitcoin Cash and others that also interest investors. Knowing this, StsRoyal has come up with an extensive range of cryptocurrencies that you can trade via its investment platform.

StsRoyal keeps the formalities to a minimum

The sign up process of a broker can be very daunting for people because it takes up a lot of time and can be a bit of hassle. It is one of the most dreaded procedures associated with becoming a trader. Knowing so, StsRoyal has kept all the formalities to a minimum. Registering with a broker only takes a few minutes as you only need to share some basic details. In order to start conducting transactions, you just need to submit a form of identity and verify your address and you will have no trouble in trading the crypto of your choice.

StsRoyal makes deposits and withdrawals easy

Deposits and withdrawals are an important aspect of trading. After all, how will you buy and sell without money? The ease with which you can add and remove funds depends on the payment methods provided by a broker. Here, StsRoyal seems to have done a great job because they have given their customers plenty of variety. The method can be chosen as per your own convenience. Some of them are quick, but costly, whereas others may take time, but cost less and are more secure. You can use debit and credit cards for quick deposits while bank transfer options take a while. Online transfer methods are also available, such as PayPal.

StsRoyal doesn’t make compromises on security and privacy

One of the biggest risks for people these days is sharing their private and confidential information online with unknown websites and brokers. There have been too many incidents of hacks and frauds where people had their identities and finances compromised. In order to combat this problem and give its users peace of mind, StsRoyal uses SSL encryption to prevent hackers from gaining access to your information. Apart from that, the KYC (Know Your Customer) policy is also in effect, which means that no suspicious individuals can create an account on the platform.

StsRoyal also provides trading education

Trading education can make all the difference in how you fare as a trader in the online market. Sure, you may make some profitable trades, but this is more due to luck than your intuition. You have to have some trading education to be able to make smart decisions. Therefore, StsRoyal has provided its clients with access to an education center on its website where they can find plenty of resources in the form of e-books, videos and webinars. They cover different aspects of cryptocurrency trading that can help everyone in improving their skills and avoiding mistakes that can cost them a lot.

With all these features and services, StsRoyal aims to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. It even has a responsive customer support department to cater to the needs of its users and answer all their questions. The combination of all these resources can allow you to have a positive trading experience, making StsRoyal the ideal choice for smooth crypto trading.

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