Square Opened The Source Code Of “Bitcoin Storage” Subzero

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Square Opened The Source Code Of “Bitcoin Storage” Subzero

American payment company Square has opened the source code of its own solution Subzero for cold storage of bitcoins.

The technology of cold storage of crypto-currencies called Subzero from Square is based on the so — called hardware security modules (HSM) – and software code, documentation and tools for working with which the company published last week.

According to the description of Square, HSM is a specialized hardware device for ” storing cryptographic keys and performing operations with these keys.”

Subzero is a customizable corporate offline bitcoin wallet for cold storage. The wallet Subzero you can set certain rules that increase the security level, for example, to allow sending bitcoins from the cold wallet only to addresses accounts belonging to the services Square.

As a reminder, Square also allows users to purchase bitcoins using the Cash App. In June, the company announced that it had received a BitLicense license from the New York financial services Department to conduct cryptocurrency trading activities in the state of New York.


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