Square Enix Plans to Leverage AI Technology in Creating Games

The desire to dominate gaming has forced developers to leverage emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) to boost user experiences. In a January 1 report, Japanese gaming company Square Enix revealed a plan to use AI technologies to create new games and improve existing gaming features.

Adoption of AI in Gaming

A statement from the President of Square Enix, Takashi Kiryu, revealed that AI technologies have enormous capabilities in redefining the gaming sector. In particular, the executive noted that AI-generative tools will offer developers a new approach to creating games. 

He anticipates that the developers will program the games accordingly through AI. Besides adopting AI in game , Mr.Kiryu confirmed that the gaming company will use this technology in the creation of content and publishing activities.

He anticipates the Square Enix marketing team will use AI to reach a larger audience. Based on AI capabilities, the official expects that adopting this technology will increase productivity at Square Enix. 

Square Enix Reveals Next Move

Despite the risks associated with AI, Kiryu believes that AI is here to stay and will be used in future to create business content. He added that besides integrating AI generative models in games, the Square Enix team will continue to support the development of Web3 and crypto games. 

The introduction of AI aligns with the president’s objective of shifting Square Enix from the conventional gaming to the digital sector. During his appointment, Kirya vowed to lead Square Enix in tapping into the endless opportunities in the digital industry.

 He argued that gamers prefer crypto and online games to physical discs and cartridges. In an earlier report, Kiryu stated that Square Enix will focus on AI, cloud games, and building blockchain games in 2023. The executive indicated that in 2024, the gaming company will focus on integrating AI features into games.

Strategies for Improving Gaming Experiences

 He admitted that to attain the objectives of the proposed development, Square Enix will be forced to change its organizational structure to support ongoing research and development. The proposed changes in Square Enix’s organizational structure created mixed reactions among the crypto community. 

On X, one of the users inquired whether the proposed organization structure would lead to layoffs. Upon contacting the Square Enix president to gather more details concerning the organization structure, the official failed to comment.

Apart from Square Enix’s proposed integration of AI into gaming, other crypto companies have realized the benefits of emerging technologies to the gaming world. A few months ago, prominent blockchain game developers, including Parallel and Universe, acknowledged that AI generative tools have massive potential to improve gaming features.

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