The Spanish company of “green” electricity production ACCIONA plans to develop a technology based on the blockchain to track the supply of electricity to the users. The new service will be relevant anywhere in the world, confident for the company’s management.

ACCIONA is one of the largest producers of renewable energy with a total capacity of more than 9 thousand MW. The firm operates in several countries and supplies electricity to more than 6 million houses.

Now, ACCIONA has started to implement a joint venture with the startup FlexiDAO from Barcelona, which is engaged in the development of software for the electric power industry. With the new blockchain solution, ACCIONA will allow its customers to monitor the compliance of electricity supplies to the used volume.

ACCIONA and FlexiDAO are working on a pilot version of the project to demonstrate its capabilities, which will track the supply of energy from five wind and hydroelectric power stations in Spain to four corporate clients in Portugal.

At the end of October, a large power grid company in Singapore presented a blockchain platform for trading certificates, confirming the production of a certain amount of electricity from renewable sources. Several consumers and large sellers of “green” energy have already joined the platform that supports international certification standards.



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