South African Government Launches SANBA, the South African National Blockchain Alliance

South African Government Launches SANBA, the South African National Blockchain Alliance


The South African Government’s State Department of Science and Innovation has launched the National Blockchain Alliance (SANBA). The launch was planned to take place earlier this month in Johannesburg. However, due to Covid-19 pandemic, it has been taken online.

SANBA, a decentralized and autonomous platform, is designed to support startups and companies that are focused on blockchain technology.

Akhona Damane, who heads up SANBA, mentioned that the main purpose of the project is to be the central point in a network of partnerships between South Africa’s government, major companies, startups as well as civil society. The project will also be focused on developing skills that are necessary to explore and design blockchain solutions. An essential element is said to be educating civil society on different use cases and further potential of blockchain to improve a broad range of specters.

SANBA has clearly stated that it wants to be the middleman and connect different industry players, driving blockchain development and use in South Africa.

Speaking about SANBA, Cardano founder and Ethereum co-founder Charles Hoskinson, mentioned that this project would attract lots of local research, enabling the industry to deal with global problems such as corruption, etc. He underlined the importance for people to understand the potential and possibilities of blockchain, which can help the administration to have better managing tools their their countries and deal with complex issues.

Initially, SANBA is set to assist existing blockchain and other financial initiatives such as the South African Financial Blockchain Consortium, Financial Working Group, etc.


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