Sony Developing A Creative Currency Hardware Wallet

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Sony Developing A Creative Currency Hardware Wallet

Sony electronics has developed a technology that, in its opinion, will help cryptocurrency users to keep their assets more secure.

The Japanese technology conglomerate announced this week that its Computer Science Laboratories’ (Sony CSL) division has developed a cryptocurrency hardware wallet that can be used to store bitcoins and other digital assets in a secure, standalone environment while maintaining the convenience of less secure online cryptographic storage systems.

Unlike conventional cryptocurrency hardware wallets, such as Trezor One and Ledger Nano S, which connect to a PC or user’s mobile device using a USB cable, the Sony CSL wallet will store the user’s personal keys on a contactless IC card, allowing the user to easily sign transactions from a mobile device with NFC support.

Perhaps, first of all, the development of Sony cryptocurrency technologies does not seem to be a simple research project or, as often happens, an example of a company seeking to position itself as an innovator in the field of advanced technologies, although it does not plan to convert its research into real products and applications.

Earlier this year, Sony filed a patent application for a system that uses blockchain technology for digital rights management (DRM). Only this month, the company introduced a production version of this system, which will be based on the existing DRM platform Sony Global Education for the exchange of educational data.


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