SOLUNA Will Build A Wind Farm For The Crypto Mining In Morocco

On Friday, Soluna, a New York-based computer company with the support of Brookstone Partners, announced the construction of a wind power center in southern Morocco for use as a cleaner alternative to the production of crypto-currency. The company believes to increase $100 million USD through initial coin offering (ICO). The company is developing a windmill power of 900 megawatts near Dakhla, a city in Western Sahara, a disputed territory currently administered by Morocco, in I class area of ​​37,000 acres, where the wind speed exceeds 22 km / h.

The organization’s efforts are based on high energy costs associated with the production of crypto-currency. According to the announcement, this consumption of electricity is “an unstable increase in demand for global energy resources.”

The organization did not indicate when it plans to begin development or whether the Moroccan government will play a role in the wind farm.

Moreover, the Soluna project will begin as an “off-grid operation”, but the company plans to eventually integrate it into the network by connecting high-voltage power lines to the site next year.

The issue of high electricity consumption in the mining of crypto currency has long been a topic of discussion in crypto-space, and while companies such as Soluna are trying to develop cleaner production methods, other authorities, like New York and Quebec, have tried to prohibit or restrict this activity.


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