Soloprime Review – Is Soloprime Scam or a Legit Crypto Broker?

Soloprime Review

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Traders require a broker like Soloprime on which they can trust to trade efficiently without facing any obstacles towards their path to success. In the online trading journey, traders often face issues while making critical decisions or operating the technological platform they are working to connect in the financial markets. Today, I am introducing you to a solution in the form of a trading platform. Soloprime is a platform that enables traders to achieve their success goals. This Soloprime review will enlighten the traders on some important and valuable aspects of this trading platform. 

First of all, we must acknowledge why people seem more interested in online trading. 

Trading has always been profitable, and people who invested smartly in the trade have won fortunes for themselves with little effort. The concept is not new. Rather people in ancient times were more inclined towards it. The concept and idea have flourished with time, and instead of starting a de-novo product, people believe in investing in products and assets with high demand and a potential to grow. People used to invest in currencies, metals, stocks, and indices. Traditionally, trading was time and effort required. Traders had to visit financial markets to receive market updates, keep track of asset potential, and look for trusted people to trade with. Another problem was finding a reliable broker. The percentage of risk was higher. Traders could not continue this with other jobs, so most of them had to choose one track, and trading was left as an anytime later option.

Thirty years before the concept of online shopping was introduced to the world and Amazon started operating. It gave traders an idea that trading could also be shifted online. Traders with an interest in technology researched and developed trading platforms that could give traders the liberty to trade from the place of their choice. The introduction of laptops and then cellphones further empowered the traders to trade from anywhere they wanted. Today, more and more people join trading platforms each day. This is because the process of trading is way more simplified than imagined. Traders can start with little amounts and without much hassle to visit the financial markets. The process is simplified, assistance is always around, and the risk potential has been greatly reduced. 

In online trading, traders need a device, such as a laptop, computer, tab, or a phone with an internet connection. They need to register into a trading platform, and this is the most crucial decision to make in the trading process. Once you get to choose the right platform, invest in the trading product, and then you are all set to start trading. 

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Why Do Online Traders Need a Trading Platform?

Traders can perform online trading anywhere, from their homes, offices, parks, or even while traveling. Online trading is based on a Contract of Difference (CFD) trading, a financial contract in which a trader makes a profit settling an asset’s buying and selling cost. Traders build assets against their investment in the platform. This asset is utilized in trading as they buy, sell and exchange from different financial markets. Efficient trade requires a constant link with the financial markets. The “link” brings news from the financial markets so traders can make the best profits on their assets. The trading platform forms this link for the traders. Modern problems have solutions, so the trading platforms are now packed with all the facilities and assisting tools the traders may need while trading. 

Soloprime – A Trading Platform That You Can Trust

Soloprime is an industry-leading trading platform with premium facilities that serve all the requirements for trading and traders. It is an inclusive platform that has multiple options and flexibility to simplify the trading processes. It offers a wide range of trading products such as leading digital assets, the world’s leading currencies, fancy metals, stocks and indices from the world’s leading firms and corporations, and soft commodities. When procedures and processes are simple and easy, traders feel comfortable and look forward to trading more with trust and reliability on their selected platform. Along with this, traders demand to pace up with the market trends. They need a technologically innovative platform and equipped with all the necessities a trading platform can provide. Soloprime checks all the eligibility standards set by the traders and is truthfully a trading platform that marks a difference in trader’s life. 

Soloprime serves worldwide without edging any country due to any reason. It is based on core values to support traders and help them achieve the maximum online trading can offer. It has roots in the world’s leading financial markets and offers diversified trading products that traders can purchase using their investment amount and trade for profits. The homepage of the Soloprime platform invites traders to experience trading from a different perspective. It is an innovative technology platform for high-end business tools. Although trading is simplified with online trading platforms, still, the traders need to make some mental efforts in observing and analyzing. Soloprime blesses traders with credible advice and incredible opportunities to multiply their assets. Using this platform and facilities available here, traders have to place their finances in the potential markets, observe and analyze to build a strategy that will lead them to success. 

Soloprime - a Trusted trading platform

Experience With Soloprime

I have a very nice experience with Soloprime as a trader. I came across this trading platform when it was a “newbie” in the market. I was looking forward to changing my trading platform as my experience was that the ex-trading platform was not very smooth. I wanted a shift, but I was in no rush. I wanted to explore the available options and know them before putting my investment. I waited for three months to check if they were sustaining among the hundreds of trading platforms. I read the reviews present over the internet, and people’s comments about this platform motivated me to visit their official website. I must say the moment was a life-changer for me. And here comes a tip: if you are looking to join any platform or about to place an order from an online business, you must check out their official website. By observing the web, you get an idea of what you are searching for and what the platform has to offer. 

Well, coming back to my visit to their website, I saw that their website shows that the minds behind designing and maintaining this platform are experts in the trading and technological field. I decided to give this platform a try with their basic account. I fell in love with Soloprime as I explored its features as a registered member. Not for once have I regretted my decision. Soloprime is a comprehensive trading platform that enabled me to trade conveniently. As I had little experience in trading prior to joining this platform, I had little knowledge about the required skills and was facing difficulties while trading. Soloprime assisted me in understanding the trading processes, developed and polished my skills to become an expert from a beginner. 

Registering With Soloprime

To begin trading at Soloprime, you need to register at Soloprime. The registration process is simple and requires filing the form with basic information and contact details. On the website, the registration process starts when you click the sign-up call to action button. A form opens on your screen with the label of ‘open an account.’ The form requires your last name, first name, and email address. Then you are required to keep a strong password and re-write it for confirmation. The next field is about the time zone filled automatically as the trader (that’s you here) accesses the website from the country where he is currently located. You will also observe that the field for the country is auto-filled as Soloprime tracks your location for safety reasons. Next, you are required to provide your contact number and decide on a currency in which you will make an investment and receive a withdrawal. You can also enter the promo code at this stage if you have any. Promo codes are “magical” codes that surprise traders with special bonuses and discounts while trading. Rest, you need to check the three little boxes present at the bottom, right above the open account tab. 

Here I am giving some ‘pro’ tips. It is advisable not to share your password with anyone and not save it when using a public device. Soloprime never demands your password in any case, so do not respond to any such call or email that demands your password. Additionally, before you sign up, go to the compliance tab and read all the mentioned policies and terms and conditions of Soloprime to know this platform before being a part of it. The FAQ section is also helpful in this regard. Here, you will find answers to all the over-the-counter questions, and you may find things that ‘click’ to make your final decision. 

Five Basic Reasons to Register With Soloprime

  1. A Registered Company

Soloprime is trustable as it is a registered company with regulated operations and services that comply with the financial institutions. With a tag of registration, traders feel at ease, and all their worries are carried away as they can trust that their investment is not getting into the wrong hands where there is a risk of losing their money. Soloprime is an exclusively tailored brokerage that gives peace of mind and integrity while working among numerous fraudulent firms. 

  • Technologically Advanced

Soloprime is designed to kick start your trading career as it is a technologically advanced trading platform with up-to-date tools and software at your disposal. The company provides it all, and it has some of the best risk management tools, advanced analytical tools, and live updates from the financial markets that give a real-time picture of economic conditions. The calculators and calendars are also present to assist the trader in any possible way. The live news from financial markets keeps the traders updated about the happenings in the market and fluctuating graphs. The trading platform is compatible with all the operating systems, and the website is adaptable to any device you may use to access the website. This feature allows traders to trade with freedom.

  • Experienced Team

Soloprime is designed by experienced traders who felt a need for a wholesome trading platform to cover all the requirements of the trading field. They enlisted all the requirements and met technology experts to design Soloprime as a trading platform that bridges the gap traders have to face while trading using the rest of the platforms. The experienced team has rightfully put forward a platform that is accommodating for the customers in every possible way.

  • Secure Platform

In the trading world full of scammers and fraudulent firms, Soloprime is a secure platform. As mentioned above, the company is registered and regulated. There is no chance of losing your investment amount due to an investment scam. Moreover, the trading platform is secured by encryption technology and software that prevent hackers from getting access to the information stored at Soloprime.

  • The Help Center

Soloprime believes in providing all-rounded care and services that facilitate the traders. The customer care service is present all parts of the day to ensure no call, email, or message on website active chat remain unanswered. Traders can contact you whenever they face a problem regarding the trading process or about using the platform. The responsiveness on Soloprime has won them a valuable customer relationship that the traders who have been a part of this platform stay by them.

Some Additional Features To Consider

  • Education

Trading is not a piece of cake. Here success comes when a trader builds his knowledge to evaluate and analyze the market currents and utilize them to minimize the risk and maximize profit potential. The educational resources made available on Soloprime are carefully prepared by financial experts who have utilized their knowledge and skills to present solutions for all the traders using this platform. The platform has educational resources like videos, seminars, eBooks, webinars, glossaries, and FAQs. These resources have vast knowledge covering all the basic and advanced concepts, teaching graph interpretations, and developing analytical skills to trade without dependency. 

  • Account Types

Trading platforms offer multiple account types that serve traders with options to choose an account type that provides facilities within the range of their investment amount. These account types help the trader to trade in the various financial markets while exploring multiple trading products. The accounts are designed to fulfill requirements and serve the need of every individual who is willing to grow as a trader. The account types include five types of trading accounts, namely:

SOLO Standard: A primary trading account that traders can get by depositing at least $10000. Solo Standard has all the facilities that entertain traders to be successful and grow in the trading field. The services include up to 25% margin loan, educational resources, 1:200 leverage, daily news, weekly market review, weekly progress report of your portfolio, and an account manager to manage your transactions. 

SOLO Gold: You get access to the Solo gold trading account by depositing a minimum of $ 50000. It has more facilities as compared to the Solo standard account that provides up to 35% margin loan and 1:200 leverage on your investment amount. Other facilities include an education panel, account manager, trading alerts, portfolio progress report, and up to 25% discount on commission. 

SOLO Diamond: Solo Diamond is an investment account available on a minimum deposit of $ 100,000. This account has all the facilities present in the Solo Gold account with an increased percentage of margin loan and a 35% discount on commission. The additional facilities include a senior account manager, account monitoring from top financial analysts, no withdrawal fees, and an end-of-year summary with certified tax specialists. 

SOLO VIP: You need to invest a minimum of $25000 to get a Solo VIP trading account. The facilities here include 1: 300 leverage, 50% discount on commission, and up to 75% margin loan. Here you get personalized services such as a daily session with a top financial analyst, customized educational material, VIP advisor, and invites to VIP events from Soloprime. 

SOLO Prime: Solo prime is a super luxurious trading account for the traders coming to Soloprime for trading. It stands out from other trading accounts being offered as it provides 1:400 leverage, 75% discount on commissions, up to 100% margin loan, wealth manager, no withdrawal fee, higher payouts, super tight spreads, customized education with daily one webinar with a top analyst on trading-related topics. 


Soloprime is a well-structured trading platform designed by leading financial experts in collaboration with technological experts concerned about the progress of traders and the trading industry. This platform has a complete solution for all the trading needs and problems that arise in day-to-day trading. An insight review to Soloprime tells traders that it is one of the best trading platforms available in the online trading markets, which has the potential to nourish new traders to experts within no time. This trading platform also has great accommodation for expert traders and boosts them to grow tremendously.

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