SolariBank Has A Purpose To Become The Financier For The Cryptocurrency Buisness

Germany’s Solaris Bank is adjusting a ‘Blockchain Factory’ to suggest banking transactions services to firms whose industry is directly or indirectly relied on cryptocurrencies and blockchain innovation technology.

The approach by the digital-only banking-as-a-service launch goes as greater positions turn aside from ensuring services in the uncontrolled cryptocurrency area.

CEO of solarisBank Roland Folz said: “There is high demand from the blockchain world for a licensed partner that forms the technological and regulatory bridge to traditional banking – as a technology company with a banking license we are the natural partner.”

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SolarisBank has paved together a number of services to maintain its project, involving  a ‘Blockchain Company Account’ for the banking industry of blockchain firms, and an automated escrow account for people purchasing and selling fiat currencies in cryptocurrency market.

The German bank has already provided its first transaction with vPE Bank, to help departmental trading of cryptocurrencies. Subsequent services uniting debit cards and cyrptocurrency wallets are now in promotion with other enterprise customers.

“It has always been the role of banks to safeguard customer assets in a trustworthy manner,” says Peter Grosskopf, CTO solarisBank.



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