Solana’s Smartphone ‘Saga’ Receives Mixed Responses From Community

With the launch of the smartphone “Saga,” the Solana group has stepped ahead to incorporate Web3 into mobile phones. The community open-handedly appreciated the new project with several reactions drawing a comparison between the project as well as the others like Ethereum and Apple while discussing the network outages of Solana.

Vinny Lingham admired the advancement and labeled it as the iPhone moment of Web3 and acknowledged the efforts done by Anatoly Yakovenko (the co-founder of Solana) for translating the move into reality. In the meantime, David Ticzon was additionally impressed and shared a tweet mentioning it as Web3’s Apple.

A few community participants cash the opportunity and drew parallels between the Ethereum network and Solana’s progress. Thesolmane – a Twitter customer – disclosed that while the Web3 phone is launched by Solana, no innovation has been incorporated in Ethereum during the previous years. As per the Twitter consumer, the developers of SOL are capable of getting a hold of the ETH’s shortcomings in terms of user experience. Due to this, the team Solana is dealing with the problems and making things convenient for regular customers.

While several responded positively, others brought the issue of the network outages of Solana to the front. At the June’s beginning, the price of Solana’s SOL plunged and this was the 5th outage of the network within the present year. That is why Metamaxie (a Twitter consumer) objected to the reason behind the efforts of Solana to turn into a phone manufacturer at the time of concentrating on the reliability of its blockchain.

The Saga smartphone project is not the first instance of a Web3-supported mobile phone. Nonetheless, Solana has the chance to move ahead where the others could not make it, with a broad group of developers operating on the very project. Samsung and HTC had taken such endeavors in the case of crypto-centric smartphones.

In addition to this, conventional phone manufacturing firms have been unwilling to completely enter the Web3 sector. The platform’s CEO stated that as people’s lives are chiefly associated with mobile devices, the inclusion of such services into a smartphone would be assistive so much so that it would provide the way for a flood of technological innovations. With the presently occurring shift to Web3-based technology, a considerable increase will be witnessed in the adoption of the Saga smartphone of Solana.

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