Smart Vending Machine Maker Popcom Raises $2.3 Million

Smart Vending Machine Maker Popcom Raises $2.3 Million


The leading automated retail technology company Popcom raises $2.3 million through crowdfunding. The company crowdfunded $1.3 million in the latest funding round, reaching the total $2.3 so far.

As Black Enterprise reports, the smart vending startup has raised millions to increase its operations, reaching more customers, to meet the demand that exists for more automated selling machines.

Popcom provides noncontact selling machines that monitor transactions to develop live sales as well as product reports. Their machines are distributed to specters like pharmaceutical, alcohol, tobacco & cannabis.

As PopCom Founder & CEO, Dawn Dickson mentioned that even though there have been issues regarding timing, they are aimed to keep working on developing products for their customers.

He underlined the fundamental role that retail machines as well as convenience services get nowadays, noting the fact that retailers are in search for new ways to provide their products to their customers directly with less human contact.


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