Skybridge Capital CEO Bitcoin Cannot Act As a Inflation Hedge Until It Reaches 1 Billion Wallets

Anthony Scaramucci, the CEO of Skybridge Capital, is of the view that while BTC keeps on being an effective asset, the token has not touched the wallet bandwidth needed in its case to be taken as an inflation hedge. While talking to the Squawk Box of CNBC on 22nd August, the CEO mentioned that Bitcoin was even now a technical asset that is being early adopted.

Skybridge Capital’s CEO Says BTC Needs 1B Wallets to Work as an Inflation Hedge

He added that there is a requirement for the primary crypto asset to be kept in nearly 1B wallet in advance of starting to perform the act of a hedge confronting inflation. Though the precise number of BTC wallets operating across the globe is not known, the assessments point out that the respective number would be nearly 200M.

In the starting years of Bitcoin, it was advocated as a likely hedge confronting inflation, in terms of its permanent supply of nearly 21M coins. The respective scenario has witnessed a considerable modification over time, nonetheless, as there has been drawn an increasing correlation between it and the stock market, as per the latest report issued by IMF. Scaramucci revealed that even now Bitcoin can be considered a likely hedge countering inflation.

The executive spoke that he was even then bullish on the performance of Bitcoin among the whole market of cryptocurrency. He also gestured toward the recent step taken by BlackRock to introduce an exclusive private spot trust of Bitcoin along with the custody services provided by Coinbase, an indication that a resilient institutional demand is there for the top crypto asset. Scaramucci thinks that presently the markets are occupied with numerous short positions.

Bitcoin’s Position Still Strong to Meet Inflation

In his words, this could pave the way toward the ripping off of the people’s faces when it is least expected by them. Swan Bitcoin’s managing director for private consumers, Steven Lubka, in an exclusive interview, argued that the status of Bitcoin should even now be thought of as a hedge challenging inflation.

While Lubka acknowledged the fact that BTC has been unsuccessful to perform as a hedge in dealing with the worldwide inflation incidents, he is of the view that the respective inflation’s origin has been the supply shocks instead of the monetary expansion, where Bitcoin is in a better position to do a more effective hedge to confront inflation.

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