The Swiss stock exchange operator, SIX Group, has picked R3’s Corda Enterprise platform as the basic blockchain for cryptocurrency trading, settlement, & the custody service it’s building.

In an interview to CoinDesk, the chief digital officer at SIX Digital Exchange, Sven Roth said, “This was essential for us as when we assessed various vendors, some of them were limited in their scope to very specific areas, like post-trade for instance, however, we did not want to be limited to only that area of expertise. We assessed many vendors and technology stacks.”

Roth also mentioned that the platform, which is planned to be launched in the 2nd half of 2019, will start with classical bankable assets – funds, equities, bonds and structured products that already live on their DLT. The handling of security token offerings (STOs) is another area that SIX is focused on. Roth confirmed that generally the central plank of the project was the regulated boilerplate for STOs.

He also noted, they need to achieve a balance in order to provide a reasonable minimum viable product, however, without going overboard on what will be available at launch.

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