How to Sign Documents during the Time of COVID-19?

How to Sign Documents during the Time of COVID-19?


It’s true that everyday activities have come to a stop considering the ongoing pandemic crisis. From educational institutions to social places, religious surroundings, etc everything closed temporarily to abide by the need of practicing social distancing. 

In the wake of the above, business organizations suffered a great deal. Closed buildings and the inability to work from the premises paved the way for a set of challenges. While taking the office culture home did help in keeping the business alive, there exist several other problems that need to be solved. 

One of these is signing documents. While working in the office space, employees could easily visit their managers or senior executives to get a document signed. But with the pandemic in place, everyone is working from the home and nobody is to step out, let alone visit someone else’s place. 

So here’s the question. How do you get a document signed during the ongoing pandemic crisis without affecting your expenditure goals? 

In the era when the economic impact of COVID-19 is pretty visible and is on everyone, use digital signature tools like CocoSign. Well, if you haven’t heard of them yet, now is the time to know and even introduce them as your document signing partner. 




What are Digital Signatures?

Digital Signatures or e-signatures are an alternative to the traditional pen and paper format of signing documents. Advanced technology is put in place to authenticate and validate the document eliminating all possibility of forging the same. 

Given the rising importance of remote work culture, organizations have been looking for an alternative to signing documents and simplifying the overall process. You may do it by CocoSign. It is one such tool that helps you digitally sign a document and share it with the concerned user.


Features of Digital Signatures

It is not just the fact that digital tools help sign a document electronically that accounts for their widespread popularity. Instead, there are several other advantages of using eSignature in everyday business operations.


  • Improved Workflow 


With tools that allow signing documents digitally, you can keep track of all the documents that were signed and even share them with the respective users. Tools such as CocoSign enable one to arrange and organize the documents in a significant order. Once these documents have been signed, concerned users are sent a notification to keep track of the same. 


  • Enhanced Security


Dealing with paper documents is kind of a challenge as they are vulnerable to theft and data loss. With the onset of digital signatures, organizational leaders can stay assured that their data is in safe hands. The tools are compliant with security standards such as GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS, etc. All of this together makes sure that the documents loaded and shared are safeguarded and no data is compromised.


  • Ease of Access


Imagine the efforts you need to put in when signing a document physically. You need to first scan the document, upload, and send it to the client or customer. The same would then print the document, sign them, and scan them back to you. 

With digital signatures, all you need to do is upload the document and the client/customer can sign the documents over the tool itself. Once this step is done, the sender is notified who can then use the document for other purposes. 

Sounds fascinating, right?

But how are you going to use the software for signing the document?


How to use the eSignature tool CocoSign?

Irrespective of the device you are working on, you can sign documents on the go with CocoSign. It is one of the leading tools used for signing documents digitally. 



To use the tool, you need to click open the same in the browser. Once you have the application, upload the document by clicking on the upload file option. This allows you to import the document either from the local storage or the cloud. 

The document can then be signed by clicking on the edit icon. Once the document is signed, click on done and then download the document for future reference. The sender is notified who can then download the document. This way documents can be shared, signed, and returned without having the need to visit the office premises. 


True that the pandemic crisis has challenged the existence of business organizations. However, tech industries are grappling to find solutions for the same. As far as signing is concerned, CocoSign is the best bet. 

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