Shay Benhamou – “Dogecoin Is the New Name of Uncertainty, Says Airsoft Technology CEO”

“Do you keep expecting the billionaires to keep saying great things about the digital currency for its price to rise?” asks the CEO of Airsoft Technology, Shay Benhamou.

You don’t want your life to become a meme by investing in a meme-inspired digital currency. What might have been a joke at first has turned into the sixth largest digital currency in the world. With its current price, the digital coin is at a market cap of more than $46 billion. That’s not a joke, is it?

There is no surprise that the coin has made huge surges in the value in recent days. Just three months ago, your favorite “digital coin for the public” was trading at only $0.039458. You wouldn’t have paid attention to it at that time. However, within three months, its value soared by 900% or 9 times the value it had on February 1, 2021.

These are some serious figures if you invest in the digital currency with some of your spared savings. Now, the real gains in the value of this coin started taking place after April 13, when the richest people of the world started tweeting about it.

When a billionaire of the world talks about a digital currency by specifically mentioning its name, people gain the confidence to invest in it. Mark Cuban and Elon Musk are the two billionaires who have spoken boldly about this digital currency. In fact, Mark Cuban is a staunch supporter and backer of Dogecoin.

Did DOGE Go Up Only Because of Elon?

However, things might not be as great and straightforward as you might think. There are things that you have to pay attention to. As per Shay Benhamou, the CEO of Airsoft Technology, “Some of the comments made by the billionaires were only a joke. Yes, Mark Cuban might have made some serious statements about it, but they are not enough to keep the digital currency soaring higher and higher.”

Airsoft Technology CEO (Shay Benhamou)
Shay Benhamou Airsoft Technology CEO

“Do you keep expecting the billionaires to keep saying great things about the digital currency for its price to rise,” asks the CEO of Airsoft Technology, Shay Benhamou. Of course, you can’t tie your investments to such expectations. You can’t really rule out the fact that a huge population of the world still does not understand what memes are and what they mean.

Furthermore, you have many other options that are more serious and on the rise right now. Their values are rising not because some billionaires are making statements about them but because they are seriously future-proof concepts.

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“When you look at currencies like Ripple, Binance Coin, and Ethereum, you come to the realization that cryptocurrencies might be taking over the economy of the world in the future. They have presented some really innovative solutions not only to the exchange of monetary value, but the overall use of the internet,” says Shay Benhamou, the CEO of Airsoft Technology.

With those cryptocurrencies circulating in the market and going higher than ever in terms of value, it might not be a wise move to invest in a coin whose price surge has been labeled as “speculative bubble” by a huge portion of the experts of the industry.

Despite the ups and downs, the constant talk and discussions on the internet about digital currencies show that the trend is on the rise and the world is about to see a huge revolution in how the global economy works.

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